5 Online Learning Platforms that Businesses Can Use for Employee Training

If you own or operate a business, then you probably know that it makes a lot of sense to train from within the company. By doing so, you help your employees to become more knowledgeable.

If your employees can stay on top of new business trends and tech within your niche, then they’ll be more valuable to you. You can promote them to higher positions this way. They’ll also appreciate that you’re giving them this opportunity, encouraging loyalty and high retention rates.

During the pandemic, though, in-person training and education aren’t as safe. That’s why you need to look into different online platforms through which your employees can expand their skill sets.

Here are five of the best business online learning platforms that are on the market today.


Moodle is a widely-used learning management system. Both teachers and students who use it give it rave reviews. A few things you should know about Moodle:

  • You can use it without paying licensing fees
  • It’s an open-source platform
  • It has a widespread global community and many forums dedicated to it

Educators use Moodle to teach younger and older school kids, but you can use it for business just as easily. Your instructors can create courses that include things like gamification, assignments, quizzes, wikis, etc.

This is one of the most comprehensive options if you want your employees to learn new skills to increase their value for you.

Absorb LMS

Users report that Absorb LMS is one of the easiest business learning platforms to use. It features:

  • Global resources
  • A wide variety of instructor-led training courses
  • Department-level branding

This platform also allows instructors access to many online course assembly tools that are industry-specific. They can put their course together with design elements to which your employees will immediately respond. The smart, brandable interface allows your workers to have some fun as they learn.

You get a dedicated account manager if you sign up with them, which is a big plus. One platform drawback is that it’s on the pricier side. You’ll have to give them your company’s details to get a quote, but you’re not getting free, open-source access like you would with Moodle.


Thinkific is another solid choice. They have various user-friendly features, including:

  • Lesson-specific membership site integrations
  • Instructor email marketing tools
  • Superb 24/7 customer support  

They have a popular Pro Plan that you can try out free for a month. Instructors can create unlimited courses with it. They also have a drag-and-drop course editing plan so that anyone you enlist to train your employees can emphasize the features you want them to include.

They have many colorful, well-designed course templates. You can also integrate Thinkific with about 1,500 different apps, allowing your employees unprecedented access to courses you want them to take.

Once the trial period is over, it costs $49 per month, which is fairly reasonable for these platform types.


Teachable is another popular online learning platform that’s suitable for both business and academic needs. There are upwards of 22,000 instructors on there right now, so whatever it is you want your employees to learn about, it’s more than likely you can find it on there.

Their Pro Plan costs $119 per month, and it has zero transaction fees for educators, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons it has done so well in a crowded marketplace.

It has many advanced website theme customizations, different formatted quizzes to make sure your employees are retaining information as they move along, and support for as many as five admin users.

Your workers can quickly learn how to engage with this platform, as it’s highly intuitive.


LearnDash is another top contender. It integrates with WordPress, so your employees can take some courses on it at home on their laptops, desktops, or tablets.

The University of Michigan uses it, as do Infusionsoft and Yoast. Your employees have the chance to use Focus Mode, which will block out all distractions when it’s lesson time. Teachers can customize a quiz and homework schedule, and they can also give out merit certifications and awards at a course’s end.

That’s more for the academic side of things than for business, but these tools can still incentivize employee learning. They can compete for bragging rights by seeing who can finish the courses fastest and who gets the highest “class ranks” at the end.

LearnDash is only $13.25 per month, which is extremely reasonable among these platforms.  

Author: Editorial Team

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