5 Ways to Create the Perfect Workspace & Improve Productivity

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Workspace and Improve Productivity

The world revolves around work. The average person spends their years from 18 to 65 working almost 100,000 hours. That’s a fair bit of time in any given workplace, right? It’s inevitable that work happens to be the place people feel the most stressed and uncomfortable. One obvious solution is to make sure your workplace is comfortable and accommodating all year round. But how can this be achieved?

You’re never going to feel more at ease at work than you are at home, but you need to find a level where people can be at work without feeling glum or uncomfortable. Improving the comfort of your workspace has a remarkable improvement on happiness, health and productivity. There are many simple things that can be done to influence this improvement in the workplace. From simple houseplants and garden planters to secluded, stress-free corners, here are five ways to make your office space a better place to work…


1) Creating That Comfortable Corner

How your office looks has a huge influence on the mind-set of its occupants. Recently, we have seen different types of quirky, innovative working environments and a more relaxed approach to the workplace. The simple fact is that there needs to be comfort and character. If there is nowhere in the office where you can you can sit down and read a book comfortably, you’re doing it wrong.

The more comfort available, the more that creativity and relaxation are encouraged, which often increases productivity. That doesn’t mean every office member needs a luxury chair or a mahogany desk; just give your workplace some areas that are relaxing, where staff can take a breather.

A large, open office space encourages staff to feel united, while also feeling less enclosed — but it is equally important to have a comfortable area where employees can unwind. Don’t let staff feel chained to their desks from the moment they walk in until the moment they leave, or they’ll never feel at ease.

Short breaks should be encouraged and, with the right area, those breaks will boost morale and productivity levels. Make sure there is somewhere your employees can go that is segregated from both the active work area and the lunch area, so they can unwind with short breaks in quietness. Make a comfortable corner with sofas and books; use the bookshelves to create an enclosed space that is separated from the rest of the office and staff can go to clear their minds. Bookshelves lend the impression of home or a quiet library, helping people feel relaxed and at ease.


2) Natural Light and Keeping Your Office Energised

It almost goes without saying that you need good lighting in the workplace. For obvious reasons, a lack of light can hinder work and lower morale; nobody wants to leave work like they are leaving a cinema, after all. But as obvious as this is, many workplaces are unaware of the serious benefits of exposure to natural light and the psychological effects that different light strengths can have.

Natural light can have a significant improvement on health and productivity in the workplace. It makes workers feel less enclosed and more awake. A lack of natural light can be isolating but it also messes with the brain’s circadian rhythms.

Exposure to natural light and the environment outside of the workplace has been associated with higher productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer errors or defects in products, positive attitudes, reduced fatigue, reduced eyestrain, increased relaxation and a slower heart rate.

Plenty of access to natural light does not only improve productivity, but also lower energy consumption for your office, too. Make sure your workplace is making the most of any natural light, though you will still need decent indoor lighting to keep the workplace well lit all year round. Full-spectrum, fluorescent lighting is preferable, as it has a spectrum of light most similar to natural light.


3) A Positive Entrance, Garden Planters, and Outdoor Access

Another key morale booster is taking care of the entrance to your workplace. This is a place people remember and often look back on, so subtly adding some inviting features, like a garden planter or two, can do wonders for the overall office mood.

It is important to create a place that staff feel happy entering, not a building that lacks character and appears bleak. People spend over forty hours a week in the workplace on average, so you want it to be a place where people feel happy starting and ending the day. Try and make your entrance an area that is cheerful. High-quality garden planters and flowers help make people feel they are entering a more cheerful place and they enter on high spirits rather than through a simple office door.

The surrounding area of your office could also be a place people go to smoke, so make sure it is properly accommodated. If you can, make the most of an outdoor recreational area. Any garden or green area that people feel connected with nature helps peace of mind.


4) You Can’t Go Wrong With Indoor Plants

Whether you can or can’t provide your staff with an outdoor area, it’s just as important to bring nature indoors. Nothing is quite as effective as indoor plants. These help workers to flourish, increasing happiness and productivity as well as contributing wonderfully to the aesthetic.

After your employees have taken in the garden planters at the entrance, keep the welcoming tone going until they reach the office. Use strong (but not dazzling) lighting, eye-catching wall features and maybe some indoor garden planters, placed in the corner or near the reception desk.

Blank and minimalistic offices are one of “the most toxic spaces” you can put a human into.

Indoor plants are the first step to improving workplace aesthetics; they are bright, natural and beautiful to look at, but there are also many indoor plants that remove toxins, purify the air and help de-stress your workplace.

Combine the indoor plants and garden planters with pieces of art, books and the like (without being too overwhelming), and your workplace will become an area your employees revel in.


5) Encourage Extra-Curricular Activities

It’s important to have an area where there are things happening — where extra-curricular activities and good health are encouraged. Use a pin board or something similar and put up a selection of leaflets and memberships. Arrange some of these for staff; teamwork and cohesion are crucial, so you want to encourage friendships and togetherness.

Be it a workplace football team on Wednesdays or a climbing club on Mondays, by encouraging activities and out of work, morale and productivity will inevitably increase.

Include a variety of leaflets and information on activities that will appeal to lots of different interests — from people who want to give up smoking, to people who want to join a squash league or do charity work. Offer discounts to clubs and gym memberships, and make sure this is well advertised to staff. People who exercise on work days are happier, suffer less stress and are more productive, but there may be people who think about joining a gym but aren’t keen on the prices.

A board that has specific events and offers for staff reminds them of the importance of balancing work and play. It makes the workplace a friendly one, which understands the importance of leisure and social life as much as working efficiently.


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