6 tips for choosing corporate gifts for employees

Corporate gifts are a fantastic way to reward your employees and build morale within the company. Everybody appreciates a gift and giving them out fosters a more meaningful connection between management and staff. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a rundown on how to choose the perfect gift for your staff.

#1 Make it personal

Generic gifts give the impression that you haven’t put much thought or effort into the process. Personalising an item with a name or even just a note makes all the difference and lets employees know that you’re thinking of them. Personalising a lot of gifts is time consuming, but businesses can check out Build My Gift for employee gift boxes. Not only do these boxes come fully personalised, but they offer a great range of choices and streamline the gift giving process.

#2 Go for something practical

Flashy gifts might be exciting in the moment, but something more practical will be appreciated in the long run. Specialised kitchen utensils, electronics and even experience days aren’t things that can be put into a drawer and then forgotten about. Think about what your employees will use and let that knowledge inform your gift buying choices.

#3 And long lasting

Along similar lines, disposable gifts are quickly used and forgotten about. Something longer lasting like an ornament or a watch will keep giving joy for years. Gifts like this are excellent choices because they encourage company loyalty. They emphasise how long an employee has been with the business. When that employee retires, the gift makes a lovely souvenir of a career well spent. Company loyalty is hard to come by nowadays in the ever more fluid jobs market, but long-lasting gifts help employees feel like they’re wanted.

#4 Think of families

Rather than gifting purely for individuals, think of how your employee’s families might use the gift. Experience days are an obvious choice, but electronics and household appliances all have wide utility. Shared gifts emphasize that you’re running a family business that takes care not just of individual employees, but their loved ones too.

#5 Manage your budget

Gift buying does, of course, make a budgetary impact. Spending excessively on luxury items might make your employees happy, but it can put a dent in the company finances. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be generous, though. Draw up a realistic budget that details how much you’re able to spend. From there, compare prices between different suppliers, see if you can secure bulk discounts and generally try to draw as much as you can from your budget.

#6 Give unexpectedly!

Most businesses give out gifts at fairly predictable times, for example at Christmas or the end of the year. Employees certainly appreciate the gesture, but there’s something even more special about surprising your staff. Giving out gifts to celebrate a company milestone or to mark landing a big deal takes employees by surprise. It also shows that you’re always thinking of your staff, not just during the holidays.

If you still find yourself struggling, make sure to check out even more advice and considerations when buying corporate gifts.

Author: Editorial Team

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