7 In 10 graduates feel rushed into a career they don’t enjoy due to the excessive competition in the career market

The team behind www.careermap.co.uk recently conducted a survey to look into the graduates and the struggles that face them in the current job market. Around 2,400 UK based graduates took part in the survey, who are either studying at university or have completed university and are now looking for a career.

There is intense competition for graduates trying to secure job positions, coupled with tedious online assessments as part of applications for jobs, graduates are beginning to fear leaving university and beginning the hunt for a career. The job market is tough for students and graduates across the UK, with 68% claiming they feel ‘demoralised’ and ‘demotivated’ from endless graduate job applications. 80% go onto explain, often the lack of feedback from companies, endless rejection emails and unclear application guidelines leads to a vicious and frustrating cycle.

Around 45% of graduates who took part in the survey noted feelings of extreme stress, pressure and uncertainty on which pathway is best suited to them. More so, 75% of respondents claimed they are willing to take on any job in any sector, despite disappointment in the job not meeting career and salary expectations.

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has caused an enormous build-up of graduates all competing for the same positions. A staggering 7 in 10 respondents (70%) said they are being forced in a career direction they are unhappy with due to the endless number of rejections they have received. Around 45% now fear applying for graduate jobs in different sectors to the one they have graduated in will create an unlevel playing field, leading them to remain jobless.

Over half (57%) of the respondents said they feel as if their academic accolades don’t count for anything when applying for jobs. With 41% fearing a change in career direction could lead to slower career progression and will be setting them up for further failure, leading them to feeling unfulfilled in their work life.

Factors respondents feel limited them from securing job positions post university are listed below:

  1. A lack of feedback on applications and interviews from employers
  2. Lacking experience needed in a particular sector
  3. No clear guidance on application forms and assessments
  4. A saturated job market, making competition fierce when applying for jobs
  5. Academic achievements having no weight when applying for jobs

Simon Bell, Founder of www.careermap.co.uk, commented:

“More so than ever, we are seeing so many highly, skilled graduates, who are fresh out of university and eager to get stuck into a career, failing to secure a job. This then leads to graduates often feeling deflated after numerous job rejections however, experience in any industry will lead to the development of skills. It is no secret that there is a great deal of competition out there, with employers stating record high numbers of applications for graduate jobs. My advice would be to talk to recruiters in the field of graduate jobs. So often, little changes to the wording of CV’s, cover letters and online assessments can make a world of difference and help to graduates to secure a job.”

Author: Editorial Team

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