7 Tips For Improving Hygiene in the Workplace

Hygiene is important for all of us. It prevents germs and bacteria from getting near us. However, what if people around you are unhygienic? Or since your workplace has a number of employees or customers coming from different locations, therefore you cannot be sure about the hygiene they have or the germs they may be carrying around.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness in a workplace are important because it does not just make you comfortable, it also allows other people to more comfortable around you. If you are an employer, then you must be considerate about the hygiene of your employees as your employees represent your company. It’ll be challenging for your business to operate daily and attain long-term success in the industry if most of your employees are always sick. The health of your employees can also create negative publicity about your brand, making it challenging for you to gain more customers in the long run.

Therefore, you have to do more than just making them dress professionally, they also have to act professionally and stay healthy to work for your business.

If your company has a number of employees, then you should be concerned about the cleanliness of the workplace and the facilities check out these bathroom cleaning tips. As sick people don’t bring germs in a room, the germs are left on the doorknobs, elevator buttons, remote controls, keyboards, handrails, telephone handsets, toilet flushes, or desktops. Therefore, you have to be extra careful as most people are preoccupied and they do not know where they put their hands while working.

Here are some tips that you can do so that you can have proper hygiene in your workplace and you and your workers can be safe and healthy.

  1. Proper cleanliness:

You have to make sure that each part of your workplace is properly cleaned every day. The workplace must have all the facilities necessary for the sanitary disposal of waste, dirt, and dust removal that also includes food spills and crumbs. The floors must be vacuumed and cleaned with disinfectants. You can also get help from a number of environmentally-friendly products that don’t contaminate the quality of air indoors.

Professional janitorial services are also available to thoroughly clean your workplace daily with monthly or weekly in-depth cleaning. You can also hire rubbish clearance services to ensure that all of your wastes are properly disposed. This service is especially important if your business regularly uses and disposes hazardous wastes, which can become a health and safety risks to employees.

Your employees will be happier and more motivated to work if they know that their employer is actually prioritizing cleanliness.

  • Hand hygiene with hand dryers:

Employee absenteeism is often because of the unhygienic workplace that cost the entire business. Therefore, you must implement proper hygiene in the workplace so that harmful bacteria and viruses are stopped from spreading around your workplace.

For ensuring a healthy work environment with reduced health risks, your workplace must be equipped with sanitary washrooms that must include hand dryers. One of the best-selling hand dryers is the Airforce hand dryer from Warner Howard which consists of SteriTouch that is anti-bacterial protection which is embedded into a variety of the product’s surfaces. It reduces the surface bacteria by 99.99% for 24 hours. These hand dryers will ensure that your employee’s hands are cleaned and free of germs. Your workplace must have this hand dryer in order to deter the spreading of germs.

Contrary to popular belief, investing in hand dryers isn’t a waste of money. These pieces are actually a smart investment as this can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace, ensuring that all of your employees remain healthy.

Investing in several pieces of hand dryers will eventually be worth it as this equipment allows your employees to stay healthy, which can improve their performance in the long run. When your employees are healthy, your business will have better chances of standing out from the competition and building a positive brand in the industry. 

  • Educate the employees:

Your employees must be educated about the consequences of unsanitary conditions of the workplace so that they can understand the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness and also keeps it in mind while working. Signs and posters in the working areas will encourage and motivate the employees to accept the hygiene rules and guidelines.

Other than that, presentations, seminars, or written materials on food contamination and illnesses also helps in the overall staff’s hygiene. The staff that is responsible for food or drink must take extra care to preserve their personal hygiene.

Ideally, educating the employees about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene should be part of your on-boarding process. This way, you’ll be able to welcome employees who understand how vital it is to remain clean and hygienic when working.

  • Reduce accidents:

Properly cleaned floors reduce the number of slips, falls, or trips and therefore lead to a reduced number of accidents or any employee injuries. On the other side of the note, a filthy office causes increased chances of accidents and injuries. The main culprit is the dirty and slippery floors.

So in order to prevent injuries, make sure that your workplace floors are thoroughly cleaned and also you can place proper floor mats in the places where falls or slips are likely to happen. If your workplace uses floor tiles, make sure to leave warning signs that’ll inform employees that the floors are wet.

  • Personal workspaces:

Your employees must also learn the rules of keeping their personal workspace clean. This just doesn’t mean that the workspaces have to be organized, this also calls for dusting and wiping them regularly.

According to a survey of US employees about 60% of people partially judge their coworkers on how clean their workspaces are. Therefore, the employees must wipe and dust their workstations daily for maximum hygiene.

Aside from improving the hygiene in the workplace, encouraging your employees to clean their personal workspaces can also boost their productivity as they can easily find what they’re looking for the moment they need them.

  • Extra care for the kitchens:

If the workplace has a common kitchen area or the area for the coffeemaker, sink, and shelves for spoons, mugs, and other utensils, then this area can be a breeding ground of bacteria that spread throughout the office. However, you must provide extra protection for the kitchens and all the utensils must be washed in hot and soapy water daily. This is because, coffee creamer, sugar, and many other food items leave a residue that develops fungus and molds over time. Also, the kitchens must have all the necessary sanitary supplies that include dish soaps, paper towels, and hand soaps. You must also opt for disposable cleaning products as well as a sanitary disposal unit as the sponges and cleaning rags develop even more bacteria than the food.

  • Personal hygiene:

Apart from all of the above options, the employees must be guided to take care of their personal hygiene. They should be educated about using odor-killers or deodorants and taking showers and shampooing the hairs. Also, they should also be aware of how to behave in public that is picking nose, passing gas or spitting must not be allowed in public.

These tips will keep your workplace protected and with a healthy environment. These steps must be taken to ensure the health and safety of the employees. All of these tips will work for your office but if it does not then hand dryers can be extremely helpful as it keeps the hands clean and germs free. Since most of the germs spread through hands, therefore you should not wait any longer for installing hand dryers in your office. Your workplace will be met with reduced health issues and illnesses.

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