8 of the biggest rises in UK holiday trends, according to Google

The biggest UK holiday trends have been revealed, and according to Google trends, the UK will forever favour experiences over product because of lockdown 2020/2021.  Lockdown has seen much of the UK gain new perspective with regards to their lifestyle. As uncertainty continues to envelop the prospect of travelling abroad, many are seeking experiences within the UK that complement their new way of life.  

Weaver Brothers has analysed Google trend to determine the 10 biggest rises in UK holiday trends within the 3rd lockdown (January – May 21).  The brand reveals exclusive data and presents the reasoning why each experience has made the list.

Wellbeing retreat UK 9.700%

The past 12 months has seen the UK grow increasingly mindful of their overall wellbeing. This is no surprise as generation lockdown has worked to navigate seclusion, working from home and copious amounts of free time. 

Wellbeing retreats were once considered the home of the LA jet set and A-listers however, they have evolved to become increasingly accessible, even in the UK.  The objective of a generic mainstream getaway has shifted and is no longer regarded an opportunity to ‘stay and lay’ in a little bit of manmade luxury.  The current climate sees holiday makers seek ways to obtain experiences that improve mental wellbeing and gift adoptable mindfulness practices that can be implemented in everyday life.   The term wellbeing retreat has seen a 9.700% increase in searches, cementing that wellbeing retreats will only grow in popularity and soon become the norm.

UK Safari 369.92%

The impact of Covid 19 has caused many to have a newfound respect for the environment, nature, and wildlife.  Restricted to the confinement of our homes for several months left many with the desire to spend significant time outdoors whilst participating in experiences that they have never encountered. 

The search term UK safari receiving a 369.92% uplift in searches reflects the nations desire to expand their knowledge in the wildlife arena and witness the natural beauty of the globe.

Several hours on a flight is no longer needed to partake in a safari as parks such as Port Lympne Safari, Kent is now open to the public.

Sky diving UK 318.18%

Statements such as ‘I have always wanted to do that’, are becoming a thing of the past as the implications of Covid 19 showcased that life is short and you never know what is around the corner.  Items that may have once be destined for a redundant bucket list are now at the forefront of a traveller’s mind.  This is echoed in Google trend data as sky diving UK has seen a 318.18% lift in searches.  The opportunity to skydive may be closer to home than you think, as schools are available in Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Yorkshire, and Derbyshire.

Solo travel UK 761.15%

For the most part, most people have either spent more time alone or more time with the person that they cohabit with than ever before.  For many, they have been surprised at how much they favour time alone whilst for others, they crave some alone time.  According to Google trend data, Solo travel is up by 761.15%.  Many are now ‘biting the bullet’ and seeking solo travel opportunities to promote their wellbeing and try new experiences.  If you do choose to travel alone, keep a close friend, or loved one updated on your whereabouts and always stay in places that are prime locations for tourists.

Driving around the UK 9.900%

The national lockdown enlightened many to just how many sights/experiences are readily available across the UK.  Road trips were often considered a past time for students making their way across the USA or Australia however, many of all ages are now embarking on a driving tour of the UK.  This is reflected in Google trend data as the search term Driving around the UK has seen a 9.900% increase in searches and with places such as Snowdonia, Stonehenge, and York Minster, it is no surprise.

Yoga retreat UK 761.15%

Yogis have been adorning themed retreats for several years however, they are transitioning into the mainstream as many practiced its principles throughout lockdown.  With a search rise of 761.15%, Yoga retreats are set to become the norm as practitioners seek like minded people and breaks that serve as a channel to expand their knowledge and improve their ongoing training.

Extreme sports UK 5600%

The pressures of the past 12months+ requires even the most laid back of people to let off steam and what better way than a getaway of extreme sports.  As extreme sports UK is up by 5600%, many are seeking experiences targeted towards adrenaline junkies.  Again, this derives from lockdown sparking the initiative that life is short, and it is important to challenge yourself when possible.  Inflatable assault courses, white water rafting, and rock climbing are widely available across the UK at reasonable prices and a majority are family friendly.

Camping in the UK 2,475%

It is no surprise that camping in the UK has seen a 2,475% growth in searches as the government announced that self-catering is set to be a holiday getaway safe bet.  However, this is not the only reason for such a rise as the UK has spent so much time indoors, they are seeking ways in which to spend 24/7 outdoors.

Author: Editorial Team

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