8 Tips for Writing Better Job Posts

Thousands of people search for jobs online on daily basis. With more awareness towards websites like LinkedIn, a platform for employers’ present job ads for job seekers, ads are doing wonders. While the job placement ads can inform and attract the suitable candidates, it is essential for employers to design the job posts stating all the requirements.

The generic steps revolve around writing a strong, compelling description regarding the job, ensuring that the ideal candidate views and applies for the job. On the other hand, you one also needs to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) of the job posting. This could ensure that the job posting appears at the desired online search results.

Seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? There is no need to be scared. We bring to you the much-needed 8 writing tips you need to follow when writing the job posts.

Let’s look at the 8 tips we have complied for you:

Coordinate with the Hiring Manager(s)

Do not write generic descriptions without knowing the requirements. Sit with the respective hiring managers and ask them the technical information you need to know regarding the job position. It is important that you are aware of the technical requirements of the job. This will also allow you to optimize the job post, using the desired keywords for SEO.

Pay Attention to the Title of the Job

Job candidates search for the jobs by entering the job title. Therefore, it is important that the title you keep is concise, clear and is similar to the titles present in market. If your company is TOK essay writing service, then write clearly who are you looking for. Additionally, be descriptive and go easy on the funkiness. No need to write ‘Business Unit Commander’ when the most generic terms is ‘General Manager’. It makes it easier for people to apply.

Be Truthful When Engaging Your Applicants

According to a recent research, engaging with employees holds utmost importance in retaining them. Do not fabricate the job position. In the description, be honest and describe the actual day-to-day requirements and responsibilities. Every HR professional and recruiter is aware of how costly employee turnover can be. Therefore, do not risk employee turnover by using false information to attract job seekers.

Sell the Job/Opportunity

Use this as chance to pitch yourself to potential seekers, keeping in mind that you are able to find the perfect fit. Various job postings begin with ads describing company while not using it as a platform to speak directly with the seeker. Ideally, start your ad with an attention-grabbing statement that defines what you are looking. People do not need to see the “about us” section at the beginning of the job placement, no. Keep your message about the ideal candidate and the job. Explore job ads on job placement websites such as LinkedIn.

Details on the Location

To grab the attention of the potential job seeker, be sure that you specify the location of the job. This will allow the candidates respective to the area to apply for the position. Not only would that save their time, but also yours as well because you would not want to interview a candidate who might not be able to make the commute to the location on daily basis. Specify your location, i.e., 10 minutes away from London, if need be. Be honest, be transparent. You can find your accurate location using tools such as Google Maps.

Focus on your Keywords

As mentioned earlier, keywords are very important when it comes to SEO. Fitting the desired keywords in the description of your job placement is important. Google has algorithms that ensure that the placement goes in the right areas if the keywords are used correctly. You can use online keyword evaluation tools if you are not sure on the keywords that fit your job placement.

Avoid Abbreviations

The correct way of writing a job position is to be as clear as possible. For clarity as well as for SEO concerns, avoid using abbreviations. Instead of VP, just write Vice President. How you call a job internally may not be the way job candidates search in the job market.

Be Specific

Are candidates expected to travel a lot? Will the get traveling compensation? How much salary should they expect? Important for job position to highlight everything they are looking for, so the ideal fit applies to the job. Lost the educational requirement, experience and certifications for one to apply for the job. If you require a motivational letter, specify the word limit. If you require recommendations, specify how many. Specify the job details as well.

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