Back to work research reveals 3 in 5 employees wish to work from home full or part time

Data from Engaging Business reveals that 60% of the UK’s at home workforce want to remain working from home, despite many businesses getting set to return to the office part time, starting from next week.

The Working from Home Survey by Engaging Business, which has been taken by over 6,000 employees since the lockdown began, shows that 60% would prefer a split; working a couple of days a week from home yet still commuting to the office.

The survey also provides an employee’s Working From Home Happiness Score, with the average score revealed to be 73%, higher than the average Workplace Happiness Score which averages at 65% in the UK. When it comes to gender, men and women rank their happiness at working from home the same.

The research highlights that employees enjoy the autonomy of working from home (scoring an average of seven with the option of 0 for disagree and 10 for agree for the statement) and feel that they are more productive in their at home office (six out of ten).

However, one in five employees are sick of transforming their home into their office and would like to return to their workplace as soon as possible. Reasons for this include feeling more isolated, finding the boundaries between work and home blurred as well as admitting to working more irregular hours. Working more weekends however is not something that the nation’s at home workforce is embracing.

Employees have also highlighted the lack of career development in their career whilst working from home.

Respondents highlighted three key areas for improvement in their working from home set up including better connectivity, better equipment and more consideration for family life, like childcare.  A number of respondents also light heartedly suggested a padlock on their fridge.

Comment from Engaging Business Founder, Lord Mark Price; “This time of year always feels like ‘back to work’ as the summer draws to an end, but with employees having not ventured into an office for months, the thought of bringing back the daily commute is not a welcome one. Our data reveals that productivity and happiness is higher when working from home compared to pre-Covid. We’re encouraging businesses to put their employees wellbeing first by signing up to our Working At Home Survey which can be quickly tailored to organisations and can include questions from the current WorkL Workplace Happiness Survey. The results will provide useful data and insights to help organisations maintain a remote but happy and engaged workforce.”

Author: Editorial Team

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