CABA launches first ever whitepaper to advise employers on how to boost the wellbeing of their workforce

CABA, the charity that supports the wellbeing of chartered accountants, has today announced the official launch of its first ever whitepaper: The importance of holistic health and wellbeing at work.

The whitepaper addresses wellbeing concerns of businesses of all sizes, and provides recommendations on how best to boost the wellbeing of employees across a range of industries, including: small businesses, non-profits, migrant-labour heavy workforces, client-led organisations or businesses with a gender imbalance.



The whitepaper follows extensive qualitative and quantitative research done by CABA, with the whitepaper a culmination of this process. The result is a best practice guide for employers, with practical advice on how they can implement simple measures to boost the wellbeing of their workforce and the benefits this provides.

The whitepaper provides context for the UK’s current employee wellbeing crisis, and includes key findings and trends from CABA’s research, along with addressing the challenges of running an effective wellbeing strategy, and tips on how to plan a successful strategy, based on best practice learnings.

Kath Haines, Chief Executive for CABA commented:


‘Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do as an organisation, and launching our first whitepaper on the best practice of wellbeing is a landmark moment for us. Regardless of an organisation’s size or sector, the wellbeing of the UK workforce has a critical bearing on productivity levels, so we wanted to share our findings, to help make progress on the output malaise the UK is currently experiencing. Wellbeing is no longer a tickbox exercise, and aligning it to business strategy, as outlined in this whitepaper can pay dividends.’


Lucy Whitehall, CABA Wellbeing Consultant concluded:


‘Businesses need to be proactive in addressing employee wellbeing, rather than simply relying on employees to do it themselves or legislation outlining expectations. Many negative influences on employee wellbeing can be supported or resolved easily by employers, with low or no-cost measures implemented. It’s time employers proved they’re invested in employees as people, not just their output, and through this whitepaper, we signpost clear ways this can be done. At a time when workplace health is faltering, we need to help employees in any way we can to help them achieve their goals.’


Tackling issues from proving the return on investment for wellbeing initiatives, engaging employees, to where the responsibility for wellbeing sits, the whitepaper is available for download now, and can be found at:

Author: Editorial Team

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