How can employers look after their multigenerational workforce?

Almost half (48%) of those over 50 expect to work beyond the age of 65


More than five million workers over the age of 50 are concerned that health issues will prevent them from prolonging their working lives, Aviva’s latest Real Retirement research reveals. Half (55%) admit to fearing that work will become detrimental to their health or they might not be well enough to keep working, including 13% who say this is already an issue for them. Fewer than one in five (17%) over-50s workers say they have access to wellbeing advice and initiatives in the workplace which could help prevent health issues from impacting their careers.


When does our older workforce expect to retire?

• Almost half (48%) expect to work beyond the age of 65, nearly one in four (23%) expect to work past 70 and more than one in 10 (13%) do not expect to retire
• Aviva’s research suggests the average expected retirement age for both men and women in 2017 is 66
• Two in five (43%) do not have enough in their pension savings to retire when they wanted to and 32% say the cost of living means they cannot afford to stop working
• A third (34%) chose to keep working as they enjoy the mental stimulation of their job and more than one in four (27%) would be lonely without the social interaction


How can we provide support for our older workforce?

The most important forms of workplace support for workers over the age of 50 are a positive workplace culture for older workers (valued by 47%), reduced working hours or part-time working/job sharing (33%) and career flexibility such as reduced responsibilities or a job description change (29%). However, not all over-50s workers are currently able to access these forms of support with just 11% able to negotiate career flexibility.

How can older workers look after themselves at their desks?

• Neck stretch: Face forward and sit tall. Try to touch your right shoulder with your right ear without tensing or hunching the shoulders. Hold, and return head upright. Repeat on the other side.
• Spinal stretch: Sit tall and place your hands on your lower back. Push your hips forward and your shoulders back to arch your spine as you look up. Hold, and then relax.
• Arm stretch: Reach your arms up towards the ceiling. Bring your left wrist back to touch your left shoulder, and touch the elbow with your right hand, above your head. Hold, and repeat on the other side.

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