Cost of living crisis impacting beauty industry

New research released ahead of World Microbiome Day by Skin Trust Club, revealed how the cost of living is hitting our beauty regimes with almost half of adults (41%) stating skincare cost as the single most important factor when choosing which brand to buy.

Almost a third of people in Britain (29%) admitted they weren’t sure what their skin type was and the same number said they didn’t know how to look after their skin. But what Skin Trust Club discovered through their own microbiome testing was that six in 10 people (63%) actually got their skin type wrong. 

What’s more, almost a quarter (22%) say they simply use products their friends and family recommend, often resulting in wasting money on products that might not be right for their skin. While a further third of all adults (29%) declared soap and water as their number one cleansing routine. 

Skin Trust Club, powered by Labskin, helps the consumer understand their skin type based on their unique microbiome. Through the skin-tracking-app, customers receive a  personalised report and product recommendations tailored to their skin type, ensuring they do not waste money on unsuitable skincare.

Niamh O’Kennedy, Group Marketing Officer at Skin Trust Club, commented on the findings: “It’s not surprising to see these results as everyone begins to feel the pinch in the rise of most of our daily purchases. However, we also know that having great skincare doesn’t have to be a stab in the dark. That’s why we’ve launched Skin Trust Club, to empower people to truly understand their skin so they can look and feel their best in a cost effective way.”  

In addition Tracey Ryan, Scientific Skincare Advisor states “In general the pH of most bar soaps is too high so it can damage the skin’s barrier whilst compromising the skin’s microbiome. We help our customers choose cleansers that are more suitable for their skin type.” 

The research also revealed the top three additional factors adults look at when deciding on what brands and products to purchase: 

  1. That it’s cruelty free (28%) 
  2. That the ingredients will support my skin condition (25%) 
  3. That is it dermatologically tested (24%)

Skin Trust Club offers the world’s first at-home skin test, which allows consumers to 100% identify their skin type through the scientific testing of the person’s unique microbiome. The Skin Trust Club app takes advantage of the correlation between the skin microbiome and skin health. The technology works by identifying the ecological composition of all bacteria living in the skin, combining that data with a number of metadata points such as, health, diet and medications. Finally, the app adds environmental data and UV index, as well as pollution levels in real-time. Using these combined datasets, the unique algorithms allow them to assess skin health and recommend a truly personalised skin care routine. 

To celebrate World Microbiome Day on June 27th, we’re giving away 5,000 FREE skin microbiome tests worth £99. T&C’s apply

Author: Editorial Team

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