Edinburgh and Cardiff Revealed as Best Cities for Community

The UK is built upon its communities, with the kind and charitable actions of both groups and individuals creating the environments that people want to grow up and grow old in. Whether it be the number of parks and good schools in an area, the amount of charity jobs and events or just the general quality of life, there are many things that make our communities great.

Safestore have carried out in-depth research looking at some of the UK’s largest cities, looking at over 10 metrics to find out more about the communities up and down our country. As well as our full infographic, you can see some of our key findings below:


The giving nature of our nation is what we pride ourselves in, and charity is a great symbol of that. Here’s how our Community Cities performed across the different types of charity:

  • Shops – Leeds ranks top for the highest proportion of charity shops per 100,000 people (40), closely followed by Cardiff (39).
  • Events – Looking at upcoming charity events, Edinburgh ranks top with 20 for every 10,000 people followed again by the Welsh capital, Cardiff, with 16.
  • Jobs – If you’re looking to work in the charity sector, then head to the capital, with London offering 16 jobs in the sector for every 100,000 people.

Young People

The youth are the future of our communities, so we’ve taken a look at the best places for students, for schools and for access to green space.

  • Parks – We’ve measured green space to show how many parks per km², with Cardiff and Bristol ranking 1st and 2nd respectively.
  • Student Satisfaction – When averaging the student satisfaction ratings for all universities in the city, Leeds comes out highest with 4.12 out of 5.

Care & Wellbeing

The two other sections of our research focused on care in the community as well as key factors around life and happiness:

  • Volunteering – There are many opportunities to do good in your community, and none more than Edinburgh who boasts 13 volunteering roles per 10,000 people.
  • Happiness – According to the Office of National Statistics, Leeds and Birmingham are the two cities with the highest rate of happiness, both ranking over 7.5/10.

You can find more of the results from the research across the likes of Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle in our infographic here, but please get in touch for more information.


Data was collected from a number of public sources found below, and in many cases was divided against the population to show how each city performs proportionally.

At Safestore, we strive to develop and maintain partnerships with local charities as we seek to be an integral and trusted part of our communities nationwide.

Author: Editorial Team

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