ELAS employee shares canine capers to raise money for charity

Working as a PR Manager for HR advisors ELAS, as well as a long career in journalism in both the US and the UK, means that Miriam Payne is used to being in the headlines.

However, she’s normally writing the headlines, rather than being the subject herself!

Miriam is a passionate animal lover and since adopting two rescue dogs, Ramsey and Blue, Miriam became acutely aware of the struggle animal charities have to raise funds, so used the stories she gently told her dogs on walks to stop them from pulling, as inspiration to write a unique children’s book which is raising funds for two animal charities.

Beautifully illustrated by Anne-Marie Sonneveld, A Greyt Christmas Tail is sure to capture the imagination of children young and old – and Miriam’s unique story is definitely one of the more unusual ways we’ve seen employees doing CSR work!


A Greyt Christmas Tail

A Greyt Christmas Tail tells a story of friendship and adventure set on Christmas Eve.

When Santa’s sleigh crashes in their back garden, rescue dogs Ramsey and Blue jump into action. Volunteering to pull the sleigh, they help Santa meet his deadline and deliver presents around the world – all before their hoomans wake up. With its hidden love story and message of hope for hounds, this book will tug at your heart strings and leave you wanting more.

Copies can be purchased online at www.miriampayne.co.uk  or in book stores across the country.


What people are saying:

“I love this story. And I LOVE dogs! I would like to visit Ramsey and Blue one day and give them a big hug. Their wish was a beautiful thing” – Hallie-Jae, age 10

“Ramsey and Blue are so kind. I wish I can be like them one day. I also wish I can have a pink house like that one with a dog of my own.” – Sienna-Rae, age 4

“Those stinkies are heroes! They are strong. They can fly. And they saved Christmas.” – Alfie-Jude, age 3

“This special story has touched the hearts of our entire family from beginning to end! This fairy tale truth spreads a message of love and happiness with a twist of fun and adventure. Everything that life should be. Ramsey and Blue…..we love you!” – Kate (mum)


About the dogs

Ramsey is a 5 year old lurcher who was abandoned as a puppy. He was rescued by Foal Farm Animal Rescue and bounced into the author’s life when she adopted him at the age of 7 months. Blue is a 7 year old ex-racing greyhound; she was adopted from her owner/trainer when she retired from racing aged 4.

Since adopting Ramsey and Blue, Miriam has become more aware of the growing crisis of abandoned dogs, overcrowded rescues and abuse of greyhounds discarded by the racing industry here in the UK. Blue was lucky – she had a great owner who loved his dogs and ensured they all found homes after racing but too many others are not so fortunate. Greyhounds are classified as livestock rather than pets so this book aims to change that perception in the eyes of the next generation.

Proceeds from A Greyt Christmas Tail are being donated to Foal Farm Animal Rescue and Birmingham Greyhound Protection.


About the two charities:

Foal Farm Animal Rescue was founded in 1960 and aims to take in as many sick, distressed and unwanted animals as possible, restore them to health and happiness, find them good homes or provide sanctuary for life. No healthy animal is ever destroyed and, if no home can be found, the animal becomes a resident for the rest of its life. They rehome over 300 dogs and 300 cats a year and are currently raising money to build new kennels enabling them to help even more dogs. Foal Farm relies entirely on voluntary contributions.


Birmingham Greyhound Protection was set up in 2012. Founder Kerry Elliman works tirelessly to help those greyhounds who are not lucky enough to be put into mainstream rescues. Since 2012, BGP has rehomed over 700 greyhounds. In 2017 Kerry set up a sister rescue in China, Candy Cane Rescue, to help rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds who are saved from the meat trade. After discovering that UK and Irish trainers were exporting greyhounds to Asia where many suffer unimaginable cruelty, more and more are being found in meat trucks, Kerry campaigns rigourously for a ban on exports to countries with no animal welfare. Birmingham Greyhound Protection relies entirely on voluntary contributions.

Author: Editorial Team

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