Employment mediation tips and tricks

Dispute resolution—including those related to employment—are important parts of the law. With dispute resolution, you have a mechanism that will help you beat those lengthy and costly court cases. However, if you want the best results from an employment case, employ the right strategies. The following tips will help you get it right when it comes to dispute resolution.

Be Flexible

If your case ends up in mediation, try everything you can to settle it. Remember, the post-dispute measures can have adverse repercussions on your side. So, be proactive during the mediation process.

If mandated, consider negotiating timing with the other party and seek the court’s approval if necessary. You may also want to find out if the mediator has substantive knowledge of your case. This will go a long way in boosting the efficiency of the process.


Take time to carefully evaluate your case. Determine when it’s most convenient to mediate. And if the settlement isn’t achieved, consider making another attempt at a more appropriate time.

Unfair Treatment

If your employer treated you unfairly you might have a valid case. But for you to prove that you were sacked based on your race, color, sex, disability, religion, or any other class protected by the law.

Moreover, you should be in a position to prove that your employer’s actions weren’t consistent for everyone. You must show that you were treated with discrimination or harassment. Hire the best wrongful termination lawyers in Kansas city mo to prove your case. 

Proper Documentation

For you to prove that you were wrongfully terminated, you should have relevant documentation to support your claim. Keep private notes and brief your lawyer about everything that led to your dismissal.

Bad Management

If an unprofessional manager tries to intimidate you or makes you feel criticized, consider filing a lawsuit. Do you feel like your work environment is hostile due to a protected class? Even if no discrimination has occurred, you might still have a valid case.

However, you’ll need to prove that the manager’s actions led to your wrongful termination. Collect enough evidence and hire a professional employment lawyer. This will significantly improve your chances of winning the case.

Breach of Contract

Your employer can’t just fire you whenever he or she feels like doing so. Even if you didn’t sign an employment contract, the court might consider you as having one. The company policy might have been written in a way that implies a contract. For instance, it might have stated that an employee will receive a permanent status once he or she has successfully completed a certain probationary period. And if this isn’t clearly explained, it could be interpreted as a contractual agreement.

The Bottom-Line

Knowing your employment rights is extremely important. No one should just intimidate you the way he or she wants. Being an employee doesn’t mean that you’re a slave. If you want the best results from employment mediation, think about the above strategies.  When utilized appropriately, these strategies can bring you real results. Employ them and get the best results from employment mediation.

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