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Creativity and innovation are essential parts of every company. Staying ahead in the competitive world is a difficult one so being as efficient as possible is a worthy avenue to pursue. A great way to foster innovation by it’s most efficient and organic means is to create the right culture of creative thinking. Your organization may be missing out on a lot of potential because some employees may be afraid to voice their ideas. Allowing novel ideas to be developed is a great way to promote growth. Being a leader you should be addressing four particular areas in your team.



Be clear about goals but let them find their own way to reach them

The people under your supervision should be interested in what they are doing. They need to have an open mind towards innovating their techniques and improving the projects they are working on. If you are micromanaging every detail then you will create an uncomfortable atmosphere and the end result will be an unconfident employee. By now allowing them to have any freedom towards decision making they will be hesitant towards being creative. This leads to lost potential in finding new innovations that might increase the overall productivity of the project.

Monitor them but at a distance

When you team is tasked with achieving certain goals it is important to monitor them. This is best done at a distance with as little intrusion as possible. Find out how well they are progressing but do not go too far. There is a fine line between looking at progress and intruding on someone’s approach to their work. Don’t do their job for them rather give them the freedom to develop at their own pace. You should listen to their problems and help them overcome them but do not force any methods. Helpful and friendly advice will help ideas flow however pushing the boundary can result in a muted creativity.

Make the teams job more efficient but not harder

Having a positive staff is something that you are going to want to maintain. You need to remember to not criticize their work too much and be aware of the effects that your controlling efforts are having on them. It is better to foster the creativity they have by making the best use of all tools at your disposal. Help them to focus on the goal without doing the job for them will enhance their confidence. Be their representative within the organization and help them display their value to other departments. All of this is to help them unlock their potential when striving to achieve a particular goal. This will also help build their confidence as they know that their supervisor will back them up.

Make an idea generation process

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between idea generation and idea evaluation. It is a common mistake that has a big impact on the whole innovation process. We need to remember to keep these two processes separate. Idea generation is done when to focus on the quantity of ideas. Here there is no such thing as a bad idea. Simply put you are looking for a high number of ideas to choose from. You want to have a broad selection of ideas to go forward with. If an idea is shot down in this stage one issue is that we kill the potential for a breakthrough when we are not looking at each idea in detail. Idea evaluation is where you are using a pool of ideas that have been previously gathered. Now is the time for looking at the pros and cons of each idea. Looking at the long term and keeping in mind the resources it would take the ideas are now to be deemed either fessable or not.

A well developed creative atmosphere is a great environment for any company. Keep in mind the importance of generating and developing new ideas from the input of your employees. Keeping some oversight but letting the employee have as much freedom as possible should be the way to get them to achieving set goals. Any company in a competitive market place should have a well thought out system of leadership training so that employees contribute innovations which could help out in the long run.

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