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Some golfers might think that their golf bag is their most essential item while out on the course. However, what is really number one is their feet. While golfing, it is critical that your feet stay comfortable since, on average, you might walk a total of 4 to 5 miles when playing an 18-hole round of golf. Whether you just need a new pair of golf shoes or are a beginner, there are a couple of critical factors to consider when buying a pair of golf shoes.

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Determine Your Fit

It is absolutely essential to make sure that your golf shoes fit correctly. In addition to the long distances you will be walking on a round of golf, you will also be on your feet for about 4 to 5 hours, walking, standing, or hitting a golf ball. The following are a couple of things that should be considered when trying to determine the proper fit.

Before choosing a size, measure both of your feet. If your feet are different sizes, be sure to get a size that will fit your larger foot. Once you are ready to choose new golf shoes, wear socks that you will be wearing while playing golf. That way you can make sure that the feel and fit are accurate once you step onto the golf course.

What Is Your Style?

When it comes to how golf footwear look, in recent years they have come a very long way along with more style options available, orthotic sandals offer great comfort. Golf shoes run the gamut when it comes to their versatility and what they actually look like. With all of that said, there are two major categories that golf footwear can be classified into: athletic and traditional. 


The traditional style of golf shoes has a nice classic look. Traditional golf shoes are usually made out of leather. They are long-lasting and very sturdy. Due to their leather construction, they are usually waterproof and are very comfortable as well. Check the product description of the shoes to make sure you are trying on a pair that is actually waterproof. One drawback to traditional golf shoes is they are lacking in breathability.


You might want to consider getting an athletic golf shoe if air circulation is a top priority for you. Due to their overall appearance, sometimes athletic golf shoes are confused with regular cross-training or running shoes. Compared to traditional golf shoes, their appearance is very different. So it is very easy to distinguish between the two different types.

Similar to conventional athletic shoes, athletic shoes are very flexible, lightweight, and breathable, which makes this particular style of shoes is very comfortable in numerous outdoor situations. Many athletic golf shoes come with a waterproof guarantee and are available in a wide range of color options and styles for golfers.

Spikes Or No Spikes?

Both athletic and traditional golf shoes are available in spikeless and spiked options. However, determining which one is best for you will completely depend on your personal preference.

Spikes provide golfers with more grip while out on the golf course. They are recommended when playing on a hilly or wet course. On dry surfaces, spikeless and spike shoesprovide the same amount of traction.

When it comes to versatility, due to their flexible shoes and lightweight construction, spikeless shoes have the edge. People are now even wearing spikeless shoes as regular wear to places like the grocery store and work.

After you have determined which features are the most important to you, you can then choose the ideal pair of golf shoes for your golf game and you.

Quick Tip: Depending on the specific playing conditions, you might consider golf shoes that come with a waterproof guarantee. Golf course conditions might be wet even when it is not raining while you are playing since the grass often has moisture at sunrise and sunset. Buying several different pairs of shoes for various conditions is one solution. Spikeless athletic shoes can be worn on hot afternoon rounds of golf and traditional soft spike waterproof shoes in wetter, cooler conditions.

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