What happens when you lie on your CV?

  • 90% of HR Directors have spotted exaggerations or lies on CVs and applications
  • 53% of HR Directors have removed candidates because of exaggerations
  • Skills (44%) are the most common CV exaggeration
  • Exaggerations about school (81%) and university (79%) qualifications are the most likely to get candidates removed from the recruitment process




Nine in ten (90%) HR Directors have found exaggerations on a CV or job application, according to research by HR and payroll solutions expert NGA Human Resources. Those little white lies can have serious consequences though, with the survey revealing that over half (53%) of businesses have ditched a candidate when they’ve caught them lying.


The research also revealed that the most common areas HR Directors spot are:


  • Skills 44%
  • Career history 43%
  • Professional qualifications 39%
  • Qualifications from university 35%
  • Qualifications from school 32%
  • Industry body membership 27%
  • References 24%


Some exaggerations carry a higher penalty than others. This research looked at the areas that carried the highest chance of candidate removal from the recruitment process. These included:


  • Qualifications from school 81%
  • Qualifications from university 79%
  • Professional qualifications 77%
  • Industry body membership 76%
  • References 69%
  • Skills 53%
  • Career history 52%


Anna Dickson, Talent Management Specialist at NGA HR commented; 


“In the current employment market, employers need to find and recruit skilled candidates quickly.”


“Checking qualifications and references can put significant pressure on the recruitment process. Without a stringent and efficient process in place, companies could miss out on top talent and their business could suffer as a consequence. Technology can help make the process more efficient, sort candidates more quickly; helping ensure companies are able to employ the best candidates.”


Author: Editorial Team

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