Having it all… the ultimate solution for stay-at-home parents who want to keep their CVs alive and earn extra cash

Guest Blog by Lorna Davidson.

The evolution of the recruitment industry is offering hope to stay-at-home parents who want to dip their toes back into the world of work.


For a parent, nothing beats the experience of being there for that first smile, and those very first words and steps. But being a stay-at-home mum or dad also comes with plenty of challenges, including seemingly endless nappy changes and feeds.



Plus, there’s the financial pressure that may follow giving up a full-time job to bring up children. Then there’s the question of what happens when a parent is ready to re-enter permanent employment. Could long gaps in a CV be a hindrance?


Lorna Davidson, CEO of short-term recruitment specialist RedWigWam, can reveal the solution to these concerns: flexible, part-time or temporary work.


She said:


“It may sound unbelievable, but thanks to the recruitment revolution it’s actually now possible to have it all. This is great news for parents who don’t want to miss out on their children’s early years but still need – and want – to earn money.

“They can be matched with employers who are looking for staff for short-term tasks, part-time or ad-hoc work.”


Flexible employment allows mums and dads to fit work around childcare and other family commitments. It also helps them to build their confidence back up after a break from work and to bring their skills up-to-date. Plus, a paid job is also a welcome change from being surrounded by nappies and baby food. It’s a chance to enjoy a little more adult conversation, even if just for an hour here or there.


Lorna said:


“Parents who stay away from work until their children don’t need them as much may find their CVs are seriously lacking in experience and skills.  


“And working isn’t just about money (although it’s the most important incentive for most); it’s also a way to escape the house and meet new people. Stay-at-home parents need some time for themselves, and to feel valued outside of the home.


“Plus, making some extra cash could help them to book a little weekend away.”


RedWigWam can help parents get back into work through temporary and part-time employment, which means they won’t have to commit to regular hours.


Lorna said:


“Raising a family is one big balancing act, but our jobs for mums and dads offer a much-needed helping hand. They fit around family life, ease the financial pressure and keep careers ticking over.


“Flexible work can be a lifesaver for parents struggling to make ends meet. They can choose which days they can and can’t work, and the extra money can make a big difference.


“People simply have to register on our online platform and let us know what they’re good at. Jobs are then matched on a first come, first served basis, based on location, time available and skills. It couldn’t be more straightforward.”


Author: Editorial Team

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