Help Your Business Stand Out Using These 4 Advertising Innovations

We are currently living in an age where competition in retail is at an all-time high. The rise of digital marketing means that even small, independent businesses are getting a slice of the consumer pie, and if you don’t step up your game, you could easily lose your foothold in the market.

One of the ways you can maintain and grow your audience is through advertising, but it isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Every day, people are inundated with ads, and they’ve mastered the art of filtering out irrelevant and forgettable ones. Don’t let your ad be something people will just scroll past and walk by. Here are five genius ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Projection mapping

A ceiling projector is used in projection mapping, together with pre-programmed effects to create breathtaking and large-scale kinetic art. This is akin to an LED billboard except it requires more prep time, specialised equipment, and even an onsite crew. The projections are specifically tailored to the surface they will be projected on, so you’ll need to plan and gain the proper permits from your local authorities. However, unlike LED billboard ads, the scale of projection mapping is almost limitless. You can project effects onto the façade of iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building.

2. Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) provides customers with an interactive and memorable ad experience from the comfort of their own homes. Unlike image ads, AR allows you to engage with your customers longer, improving brand recall and creating an opportunity to build an emotional connection. You can also use AR to boost sales by creating ads that allow customers to try on products or view how a piece of furniture would look in their room.

3. Social media

Social media has been instrumental to the success of thousands of businesses, big and small. It also provides business owners with an avenue to reach out to their customers and take their orders. Going viral may be every marketer’s dream, but that’s easier said than done. Succeeding on social media requires a keen understanding of the platform and the people who use it. What works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on Instagram and vice versa. Consult with social media experts and hire a dedicated team to build and maintain your social media presence.

4. Robots

In Japan, robots are slowly becoming a popular substitute for human advertisers. Instead of having someone stand in a single location handing out flyers to passing pedestrians, a robot can do the same job for much less pay. The robot can also provide automated answers to questions and can gather user information. Robots are also eye-catching enough that people passing by may look twice or even come closer to see what it’s about.

In this difficult time where people are expected to social distance and stay at home, technology is proving to be reliable in providing us with safer ways to reach out to our customers. Every day, more of these innovations are becoming more accessible to us, so take advantage of them to ensure your company doesn’t fall behind.

Author: Editorial Team

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