Do you host ‘Bring your Child to Work Day’ at your workplace?

Not all employers have heard about it yet, but Bring Your Child To Work Day  is an initiative that provides children with the unique opportunity to spend an entire day at their parents’ workplace, learning about the company and industry they work in, in a highly interactive, fun and educational way.

Parents who have tried taking their child to work with them due to a breakdown in childcare often report that their children were bored and they struggled to work without constant interruptions – a less than ideal scenario, however, this initiative, founded by Employees Matter, is entirely different.

The day focuses on positively engaging children in the workplace, and has already been adopted by many companies in the UK.  The days are run by highly trained educational leaders who create a full day of inspiring events for children of staff to give them their first look at the world of work.

While parents carry on with their daily work routine, their kids are elsewhere in the building, engrossed in innovative workshops and events related to the industry they work in.  Whether it’s setting up the world’s first childrens’ law firm, bank, stock market, retail chain, newspaper or TV channel or just learning about their parents’ industries, the programmes comprise fun, workplace-inspired activities designed to develop their understanding of work.

The fun-filled Bring Your Child To Work Days have already been successfully taking place within many companies across the UK, including Northern Trust, BNP Paribas, Pinsent Masons and Bloomberg, with further days planned for summer 2017 at firms, including VISA, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Bird & Bird and Herbert Smith Freehills.

The initiative bridges the gap between the academic offerings of the school curriculum, and the real-life experiences that shape the vision and ambition of our future leaders.  Not only fun-packed, it also introduces the concept of work at an early and impressionable age.

The Bring Your Child To Work Days are organised by Employees Matter, who piloted the Bring Your Child to Work Day after hearing about the success of the initiative in the United States. Starting out in two companies, they now firmly lead the field, as 8-16 year olds across the country get a real-life glimpse of mum, dad, auntie or uncle’s job and responsibilities.

Zoe Sinclair, Director of Employees Matter, who founded the Bring Your Child To Work Day said:

“This is a great way for us to create a window into our working lives for our children to climb into, to help them understand what their parents do all day at work when we are apart from them.  What could be more exciting for a child than spending a day seeing what adults really do all day? 


“Together with the team at my company, Employees Matter, I thought about what would inspire and engage my own children.  I wanted to create something for the kids that was more than just ‘work experience’ and something more than sitting bored at their parents’ desks observing them in action.  That’s why we work with engaging and inspirational teachers who run workshops throughout the day for the children, on all aspects of the business. The children are taking part in team building, financial education, marketing, branding and innovation workshops.  When would they ever get to do that at 8 or 12 or 16 years old?  Surely this will get them excited about life after school…”

Author: Editorial Team

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