How a life coach can improve your hiring protocols.

Guest Blog from Ben Edwards; life coach, qualified NLP practitioner and motivational speaker.

Most successful businesses will attract a substantial amount of interest when advertising for an upcoming vacancy, welcoming many hopefuls through the door. However, the hiring process can become increasingly long and alarmingly expensive if the right decisions aren’t made. Often, candidates are able to excel within the interview, largely due to extensive practice, but later struggle within their new position.  It appears that many organisations, no matter their size or reputation, may require assistance in improving their hiring protocols.



There are steps you can take to improve the hiring process that include sufficient screening procedures, critically designed online ads and rigorous reference checking. However, it may be argued that the most efficient, bespoke method of enhancing hiring protocols and ensuring the chosen candidate has the best chance of success during their probationary period and beyond, is employing the services of a corporate coach. To shed some light on their invaluable skillset, Ben Edwards, a life coach, NLP practitioner and motivational speaker, outlines several benefits to enlisting the help of a third-party professional within a corporate setting.


One of Ben’s key elements to his corporate coaching is conducting D.I.S.C personality profiling as he enters businesses and ultimately helps a new candidate find their feet within their role and integrate in to the team. This personality profiling, which brings both personal and economic benefits to the hiring process and company as a whole, evaluates a candidate’s ability to assert themselves, their compliancy, preferences in communication, efficiency at handling stress and more. Having conducted this process, hiring protocols can be enhanced as the most suitable candidate may be selected, both in terms of the role’s responsibilities and the company’s culture. It is important to not only hire an employee who can perform well in their work, but also an individual who contributes positively to the workplace environment.


Similarly, once hired, D.I.S.C profiling enables coaches to indicate which manager, and therefore managerial style, the employee would operate most efficiently under. For example, due to their specific personality traits, some employees will show a preference for softer criticism whilst others thrive from to-the-point feedback. This saves companies significant time and financial expenditures during the on boarding process, as managers no longer need to fear the newcomer will not compliment their unique approach because life coaches can advise accordingly.


Employers can often spend months adjusting to a new employee’s preferences and personality type. Bringing in an external expert, such as a life coach, saves companies both time and money by providing objective, well-informed advice.


Identifying who is not only best fitting for the employer, but also the team, boasts a limitless array of benefits enabling you to enhance the team without upsetting the current dynamic and protecting team morale and productivity whilst preventing conflict.


When hiring new candidates, it is also important to ensure current employees continue feeling valued and prioritised. Life coaches can use their skillset to ensure your entire staff pool are cared for, maintaining a positive state of mental and physical wellbeing – preventing high employee turnover. Whether this be through group sessions, one-to-one discussions with entirely open communication, corporate goal setting to ensure superior employees have plans in place to reward staff and more. Corporate coaches may reduce absenteeism whilst improving job satisfaction for all employees no matter their length of employment.


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