How are SMEs Looking to Increase Employee Engagement

The labour market in the UK has changed considerably in recent times, with an estimated four million people now working independently and from home.

This shift has created a challenge for businesses, who are struggling to attract top talent in a climate where it’s easier and more rewarding than ever to operate as a sole trader. While some have addressed this by embracing flexible working directives, othersare looking to technology as a way of optimising employee engagement and their overall happiness.

We’ll address this further in the post below, while asking whether technology can help brands to attract and retain the very best talent in the digital age.

Introducing Engaging Works – But What is it and how Does it Work?

One of the biggest developments in this space has been pioneered by the former Deputy Chairman of John Lewis, Lord Mark Price.

Recently, he has launched asocial media platform aimed at measuring the happiness of British employees. In simple terms, the goal is to establish the new platform as a targeted version of LinkedIn, which is focused primarily on career development and the job satisfaction enjoyed by employees.

When they register, individual users complete an online questionnaire that measures how happy they are in their workplace. The responses are recorded anonymously, and then calculated to display the aggregate the performance of individual firms and the engagement levels of individual employees.

What are the Findings so Far?

So far, it’s believed that the average user scores 633 out of 1,000 worldwide, suggesting that employers clearly have some way to go if they’re to successfully meet the needs of modern-day workers.

The beauty of this platform is that it also enables employers to subscribe, affording them the opportunity to analyse key data sets and determine the overall happiness of their workforce. At the same time, they can see how they compare with rival brands or companies in similar sectors, while identifying the precise areas in which they’re falling short.

This type of insight is invaluable, while it’s usually something that can only be accessed by hiring a consultant at a considerable cost.

So rather than forcing SMEsto seek out additional or alternative funding and invest this into analysing the engagement levels of their employees, they can pay a relatively paltry £500 for an annual Engaging Works license and just £3 per additional survey request.

The Last Word

The new software is extremely innovative, while it has been designed so that it’s affordable for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK.

While this continues a wider trend with regards to the falling cost of high-end technology, it will also make it easier for smaller businesses to become more competitive when attracting and recruiting leading talent.

Most importantly, the new software will enable SMEs to understand why their employees are not engaged in the workplace, while providing actionable advice to help them correct these issues.

Author: Editorial Team

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