How Some Companies Achieved to Move All Their Work Online And is That Effective?

Traditionally, businesses have sold their products and offered services in a physical store or office in a face-to-face setting. With the advancement in technology, organizations have begun to explore the internet and reach a wider audience. In recent times, the happenings in the world have shown clearly that online business is the future of the world. 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to go on lockdown. Fortunately for businesses that already had a foothold in the online space, companies like Oddspedia; their businesses were not critically affected negatively. 

In some cases, they have experienced unprecedented revenue generation within this period. Unfortunately for those that have stuck to offline terrain without any digital presence, many have had to shut down and close shop. 

How have Companies Move All their Work Online? 

First, moving a business online is an effective strategy that ensures continuity in the face of uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown that any business that wants to maintain continuous operations and generate revenue during a time such as this. The internet has proven to be highly effective in paving the way for new opportunities and consistent revenue streams. 

During this pandemic, the world had to go on lockdown. Businesses were shut down and everything was on standstill. However, organizations with foresight already established their presence online. In response to the pandemic, rather than shut down operations, they moved everything online. How have they achieved this?

  • They engaged their customers on all contact touch-points and created awareness for their businesses online.
  • They deployed their workforce online to deliver optimal customer experience.
  • They invested in technology and leverage this to drive more leads and conversions for their business.
  • They deliver more value to their customers.

How Effective Has the Online Move Being?

Of course, it might be impossible to sample all businesses online but reports have it that most organizations with effective digital marketing presence and activities have significantly increased their revenue generation. 

The World of Casino as a Case Study

Land-based casinos were once the premium options for gamblers. Interestingly, innovative casinos already envisaged the potentials that the online platform holds and have taken advantage of technology. These casinos have established their presence online well ahead of the pandemic. With the COVID-19 pandemic, all physical casinos had to go on lockdown. 

Gamblers had to turn to the internet to explore the world of games. For casinos that already had an online presence, it was easy for them to convert their existing clients as well as new customers to their online platforms. 

With millions of gamblers resorting online to satisfy their gaming pleasure, online casinos and sports betting have had great success during this pandemic. What does this mean? It is simple; online business in any form is highly effective and financially rewarding.


The internet has continued to grow and with more businesses tapping into the innovation that it offers, there is bound to be growth. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have an offline business that is struggling? This may be the perfect time to move your business online.

Author: Editorial Team

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