How to Deal with Common Issues in the Workplace

If you have something that is bothering you at work, there is probably a solution out there. Here are some of the most common workplace issues and how you can solve them.


Conflict can occur with anyone at work, whether it be a co-worker or your boss, the best thing you can do is talk about it. Tension can increase in the workplace if you have an issue with somebody and tell everyone but the culprit. The most appropriate way to overcome workplace conflict is to approach it politely and be open to criticism. Try not to accuse anybody of anything as this can make people defensive and therefore harder to talk to. You could approach the situation by saying something along the lines of “I feel like we are not communicating well lately. I would like to work with you to try and resolve these issues”.

Feeling Unappreciated

Again, the best thing you can do when you are feeling unappreciated is to talk about it. Address the person that is making you feel this way and let them know that you feel as though you are trying your hardest but feel as though you are not getting any feedback. Ask them if there are any expectations for your job that you are not meeting and let them know that this lack of feedback means that you are unable to effectively measure whether or not your work is valued.

Sickness Pay

When you start a new job, it is important to read your contract of employment carefully as this will tell you the amount of days you are entitled to sick pay. If you fall ill, it is important to contact your employer on the first day you cannot attend work. Do this by both a phone call and an email so that you have a paper trail if they were to pay you incorrectly and lie about it. A lot of the time, sickness pay is simple as you won’t be off work for long with something such as a common cold or a sickness bug. However, it can get a little more complicated if you are off work due to an injury that occurred in the workplace.

If you are injured at work and then are refused the appropriate sick pay you might be entitled to make a claim. If you want to find out more, you can find out work injury FAQs here. Make sure you follow the correct procedure if you are injured at work so that you are able to prove and strengthen your case. Below is a quick guide to the procedure you should follow:

  • Report the accident as soon as possible.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Make sure the incident is recorded in the company’s Accident Report Book. If the company does not have one, write down all the details of your accident and your injuries and create a copy for employer and for yourself.
  • If you cannot do this yourself due to the severity of your injury, make sure someone else does it for you.

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