HR Challenges in the Education Sector

Every HR sector faces numerous challenges. However, HR teams within the education sector face some particularly unique issues.

The education sector has changed dramatically over the years. The demands and challenges of the role have increased, which places a lot of pressure onto HR personnel. Here, we’ll look at some of the problem’s schools, colleges and universities face within HR.

Students are now more like customers
One of the more unique challenges HR staff have to deal with in the education sector, is that students are now more like customers. They are used to the fact that there’s always someone who can write essays for money for them, which makes them more spoiled generally. This is especially true in the university sector. As the fees of attending university have increased dramatically, students expect a higher level of service.

Adjusting to the role of seeing and treating students like customers is extremely challenging for HR. It’s not a role they’ve had to take on before and they need to ensure they are hiring staff who have great interpersonal skills, similar to a customer service role.

Staff retention
Another key challenge HR departments face is staff retention. The education sector faces a lot of challenges today, with long working hours and low pay cited as two of the major reasons teachers decide to leave the profession.

The trouble is, high staff turnover is not only disruptive it also costs schools, colleges and universities a lot of money. The cost of hiring and training new staff can be extremely expensive. It also doesn’t look great in terms of the school’s reputation if it does have a high teacher turnover.

Challenges measuring success
Unlike the commercial sector, it’s a lot more difficult for schools and universities to measure their success. Ofsted reports go some way to help with this, but that largely measures team performance, rather than individual staff performance. These inspections are also often carried out with very little notice, which can be stressful for the HR team.

Data protection and compliance
One of the most recent challenges HR teams face in education, is data protection and compliance. It is especially difficult to meet compliance when hiring new staff. A lot of pre-employment checks need to be made before a potential candidate can be hired and this places a lot of strain onto the HR team.

This is where professional advice from a company such as Browne Jacobson can prove invaluable for educators. They can help advise HR staff onhow to best meet compliance and legal legislation.

Overall, there are a lot of challenges HR face in education today. The above is just some of the main challenges they have to deal with. Technology and professional advisors can be a great help at streamlining HR tasks, measuring success and ensuring compliance is met.

Author: Editorial Team

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