HR News Editorial Policy

HR News has a small editorial team delivering a high quality news service. Whilst we really appreciate the huge volume of content we get sent on a daily basis, we have to maximise editing time and minimise admin time. Therefore we ask our PR colleagues and friends to respect the following:

1. We do not generally publish salesy or politically motivated content and our aim is to provide our HR readers with news, information, guidance and updates which they will find useful and interesting.

2 .We are unable to take telephone calls to the office regarding content. Please only communicate by email.

3. Our content review process takes approximately 10 working days and submissions are reviewed in date order unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

4. We cannot give any further update until the piece has been reviewed, and therefore would appreciate it if PR agencies avoid chase mails.

5. Once content is reviewed we will come back to the sender immediately.

6. We will forward the link to the piece back to the sender when/if the content goes live.

7. We can add back links into articles, but there is an administration fee for this. Please contact us for more information.

8. We will not add to or change articles already published unless requested by the content originator.

9. We cannot take responsibility for the accuracy or legitimacy of content provided by external sources.  Legal responsibility rests with the author.

If your team are able to work within this, it will give us the best opportunity to continue to deliver the high quality, free service we are known for.

Thank you

The Editorial Team