January’s HR Manager of the Month: Yvette Mayers!

January’s HR Manager of the month is Yvette Mayers, the HR Director for Eteach HR Advisory Services, part of the Eteach Group Limited.  She was nominated by HR Services Director Richard Beddell who praised her skills enthusiastically:


 Yvette has provided E-Teach with clear advice and comprehensive knowledge of the education HR sector. She has provided excellent HR support for schools, including major restructures and Ofsted preparation.

Yvette’s commitment to excellence in HR support within the education sector is evident in the work and time she puts into her role and the relationships she has built and continues to build.  I believe she deserves the recognition of this award.

We asked Yvette to tell us about her career to date:

“In all honesty, I got into HR because I was nosy! I loved the idea of poking around in employee’s personal business…although, now I’m more interested in what prompts people to behave in the way they do and am still surprised by some of the behaviours I come across.

“I have worked in the HR arena since 1990, beginning my career as a Personnel Assistant (in old money!) with the London Fire Brigade at the Headquarters in Lambeth, London.

“After promotion to the lofty heights of Personnel Officer and a move to firstly Paddington Area Command and then Wembley Area Command, I moved to Westminster City Council as a HR Adviser within the education department and found my niche, providing HR advice to schools and educational establishments.  Another move to the London Borough of Hounslow education department as a Senior HR Adviser cemented my love of working in the education sector, but without having to cope with a room full of small people.

“Fast forward 18 years and I’m now Director of HR at Eteach HR Advisory Services, part of the Eteach Group Limited and providing HR advice and support to schools and educational establishments around the country, as well managing the internal; HR needs of the organisation with my colleagues.


“I qualified under the old IPM in 1992, having been sponsored by the London Fire Brigade, and believe that a qualification in HR is essential, especially if you want top progress and make a career in HR, but also that there is nothing like experience for shaping how you carry out the role.  However, the theory of HR is never like the reality of putting those processes in practice.

“For me, learning is a never ending journey and working within education where you continuously have to learn new things (those politicians will keep changing their minds!!) means that I get to learn even when I would rather not!!   Having decided to specialise in education (schools) HR, my world is one of constant change. Still trying to decide whether that’s a good thing or not! It certainly keeps me on my toes.

“There is much more value placed on the importance of good HR practice and people management now than in previous decades.  HR is very much more of a solution focused, strategic partner to any business these days as opposed to the “bad guys”, who would only appear when things were going wrong.  Do people still cower, when they hear the words “HR are coming in”?…absolutely, but that’s not such a bad thing sometimes!   I love… the not knowing what each day will bring, despite what my diary says…it’s like opening a pass the parcel prize each time…. I don’t like…the not knowing what each day will bring!…you can never account for what people will do or say!

“My decision to move away from the safety of local government and branch out into HR within the commercial sector by setting up a new advisory service to schools was a huge challenge…Would schools buy the service? Would I be as effective without the backing of an LA? How much was I risking my reputation stepping into this new world?

“A year on and the Eteach HR Advisory Service is steadily growing and it seems such a long time ago that I was a ‘lifer’ local government employee. I think having a good team of colleagues and supportive management behind you is the key, especially when you are setting up and establishing a new service.  I have brilliant support from the HR Team here at Eteach, Richard and Suzy and it’s an added bonus that we work so well together, overseeing the internal HR requirements as well as establishing the Eteach HR Advisory Service for Schools.

“One of the biggest challenges is remaining in love with the work I do…working with schools means that sometimes you’re involved in some heartbreaking issues, especially when children are involved.  That means I’ve not really mastered the art of a good work/home life balance in this role yet, mainly because I do enjoy what I do supporting schools and I’m enjoying the challenge!

“I do try and relax by reading and watching most sports and as an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan, I am really enjoying the football for a change this season.”

Do you know someone who deserves to be our next HR Manager of the Month?  Send your nominations to [email protected]


Author: Editorial Team

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