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Working from home is becoming the norm these days, especially as offices worldwide make various cutbacks, and the emergence of online technologies means people to carry out their work outside of the office. Working from home isn’t for everyone, though. For example, young people are more likely to struggle, whereas a more experienced employee might be able to adapt more easily. Ultimately, though, whatever the age, it depends on the individual.

In order to increase productivity from your home office and spruce up a space in the process, people tend to snap up a variety of gadgets and various forms of technology to really make a space their own. It’s important to stamp out any distractions also. There is no use in keeping your tablet firmly in view if you’re going to be tempted to do some online shopping or explore bonus offers at an award-winning online casino. Likewise, the television probably needs to be turned off too. Adding some office must-haves will certainly help you get in the working day mindset, amplify your productivity, and reduce stress in some instances also.

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the office gadgets worth purchasing for your space at home.

Yohann iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Stand 

Keeping your devices charged is a necessity throughout a working day. To charge them in style, consider purchasing the Yohann iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Stand. Not only does it look slick thanks to its walnut or oak finish, but this particular charging stand will charge your iPhone or Apple Watch simultaneously. Its curved base is ideal for storing any other additional accessories you might have lying around also, like a USB stick or some pens. 

Plugable USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station

Wires and cables can become an annoyance, making creations like the Plugable USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station a necessity for some. This particular docking station requires just one cable to connect everything to your laptop. It can house your mouse, keyboard, headphones, monitor and a whole lot more.

Vobaga Mug Warmer

Struggle to hit top form without a cup of tea in the morning? If so, then boost your mornings and show your mug the respect it deserves with the Vobaga Mug Warmer. It’s small, compact, and will sit tidily on your desk, but it also comes with three heating levels to keep your cup of tea at your desired temperature. This particular device also has an automatic shut-off function which kicks in after four hours.

GAZE Air One air purifier

A stuffy room is enough to lower anyone’s productivity levels. To make sure you’re breathing in the best air possible and to enable your working space to feel fresh, get yourself the GAZE Air One air purifier. This clever device decomposes harmful airborne substances and purifies the air in a room with ease. The GAZE Air One air purifier also boasts two modes, Quiet and Turbo.

Lasko Tabletop Thermostat

Keep yourself warm in the winter months with the Lasko Tabletop Thermostat. This well designed ceramic desk heater has three high heat, low heat or fan-mode settings and offers 11 different temperature settings depending on just how much heat you want. Arguably its main selling point, though, is the fact that the Lasko Tabletop Thermostat doesn’t get hot so you won’t have to worry about burning yourself by accident.

Other office gadgets worth checking out are the Invoxia NVX 200, COLOP e-mark mobile printer, Sebastian Medrano OMI whiteboard room divider, Samsung Flash Ultra Slim Notebook, and Blackboard Electronic Writing Tool.

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