Keeping Productivity High in Post-Pandemic Remote Work

With this past year and many years moving forward certainly looking to be more rooted in remote working and location independent working options, one of the big questions that seems to have had an answer is around productivity and the best ways for employees to remove distractions and stay on task. Many figures certainly support that remote workers are more productive, but this is only shown as a generalisation as there are similar figures that suggest there is some wastage in time worked due to distractions at home or remote work spaces that are properly suited for work – so how can you ensure you’re keeping productivity high whilst working remotely, and where could the biggest downfalls come from?

First and foremost is certainly within the working space – you can find plenty of tips for how to set-up a remote working office at with tips from the many who have made the adjustment to a digital nomad way of life and is a space which many neglects early on. A big mistake many make is by setting up in a space they often frequent, where many distractions remain – whether this be your family coming and going, the TV, your mobile device, or a list of many other factors. A good tip many have given before is to find a less travelled space of your home, somewhere quiet and not a space that you’d otherwise visit often, in order to remove the possibilities of distractions during your working hours. This has the double impact of helping you differentiate work time and home time, as you’ll have to physically leave a space that you don’t often visit to get back to the home life.

Similarly, there’s the use of many different tools and products that can help remove distractions too – whether this be browser extensions that temporarily block sites during work hours or keeping a second mobile device just for working purposes so your main mobile remains elsewhere – anything you can do to remove any temptation which is particularly much easier whilst working from home will do you well. It has been suggested that up to 45 minutes is wasted per day per employee during remote working solutions over the past year, but this time can certainly be mitigated by removing the distractions in this way. Finally, it’s wise not to ignore the years of research that have gone into setting up a working space – whilst the health and safety demonstrations on how to correctly work at a desk are frustrating, they’ve been researched for a purpose and there’s some great insight to be taken away, and certainly something that should be considered when setting up your own home working space as it could be exactly what’s needed to keep you comfortable and productive, rather than those who rely on using their laptop on the sofa or the kitchen table in les

Author: Editorial Team

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