Life lessons for younger generations

A new survey of 1,000 people by Fenetic Wellbeing reveals what annoys over 55s the most, what they consider their top life event, and what they regret most from their younger years. 

The survey reveals some interesting statistics, including:

  • Over 55s are annoyed most by people with no manners, with 59% of people survey choosing this as their top pet peeve.
  • 20% of people over 55 wish they had taken more career chances when they were younger
  • 51% of people over 55 think becoming a parent is their top life event, while only 17% of people said getting married was theirs.
  • Over 55s say that not taking enough career chances was their biggest regret from their younger years, with ‘spending too much time worrying’ and ‘not being careful enough when choosing a life partner’ coming in just behind.
  • 24% of women say they spent their younger years worrying too much, whilst only 16% of men chose this option. 

Below is a breakdown of the survey results: 

Which of these annoy you most?Results
People with no manners59%
Bad customer service20%
Fast drivers on the road7%
Social media4%
Online shopping0%
Modern fashion trends1%
Modern Slang1%
People being on their phones whilst you are present6%
What do you consider your top life eventResults
Getting married 17%
Having children/becoming a parent51%
Getting first car1%
Buying first home7%
First holiday without parents1%
Finishing school/college/university2%
Making a best friend2%
Falling in love7%
Starting your dream job1%
What are your biggest regrets from your younger years?Results
Not taking care of your body14%
Not taking enough career changes20%
Not being honest1%
Spending too much time worrying19%
Not travelling enough13%
Putting off saying how you feel7%
Not resolving a family estrangement3%
Spending too much money6%
Not going to more parties2%
Not being careful enough when choosing a life partner15%

People with no manners and bad customer service comes out on top for what annoys over 55s the most, getting married and having children is considered the top life events and not taking care of your body and not taking enough career changes are the top regrets.

People close to retirement age have experienced many years of life and have a very different perspective from someone who is just at the start of theirs. With this experience, there are many lessons that can be handed down to younger generations. Here are a few life lessons we have gathered from our survey results:

  • Stop worrying so much, everything will work out how it supposed to.
  • Take time finding your life partner and love yourself first before you commit to another person.
  • Be respectful of everyone around you, old or young. And always say please and thank you!
  • Always be present around your family and friends, and don’t get too distracted by your mobile phone.
  • Follow your dreams and take chances, especially when it comes to your career.
  • Take care of your body because it will carry you through life.
  • Travel as much as you can and meet new people.
  • Always tell people how you feel, life is too short!

Author: Editorial Team

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