Mental health challenges facing every student

People are constantly facing difficulties during their lives. Social polls report that college students have the largest percentage of psychological illnesses among all the age groups. 

Psychological disorders can seriously harm not only the learning process but also the ability to perform daily duties. We have compiled a list of the most frequent psychological illnesses. 


Anxiety is one of the most common psychological disorders. A lot of students suffer from this disease. Students go through a series of changes in our life, and our brain reacts to this with anxiety. This feeling easily becomes established in our thinking. 

Most students are under continuous stress, and sometimes it is extremely difficult for them to relieve tension which only grows up over time. Anxiety can lead to nervous breakdowns, increased heart rate, and feelings of fear.

One of the ways to overcome anxiety is to calm down and take a short break. Feel free to do what you like to distract from continuous stress. Do not hesitate to reach academic writers online to keep maintaining a high college score when you have a pause for relax. 


Sometimes you may be disturbed by a sad mood, and this is not a pathology. But when you constantly feel apathy and negative emotions, this is most likely a signal of depression. It is a whole complex of mental disorders associated with the emotional sphere. People with depression get tired quickly. They find it difficult to complete everyday tasks. 

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Eating Disorders

Biological, psychological, cultural, and social factors influence the development of eating disorders. If you don’t like your shape, it can lead to starvation, weakness, and hormonal imbalance. Depression and anxiety can lead to overeating, which dramatically increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. If some of these symptoms disturb you, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sleep Disorders

Healthy sleep is the basis of health and good mood. Regular sleep deprivation and insomnia lead to decreased immunity, increased fatigue, and depression. Not everyone can cope with insomnia on their own, and in most cases, the help of a medical specialist is needed.

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May I Overcome Mental Disorders By My Own?

Self-treatment is allowable only if the set of symptoms and their severity do not make it possible to state the presence of the disease clearly. You should also understand that if the symptoms of your condition interfere with your studies and daily life, then it is a strong reason for using the professional help of a specialist.

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Why Mental Health Disorders Shouldn’t Be Underestimated?

It is very dangerous to underestimate mental disorders. There is nothing attractive or romantic in this state. It destroys the life and personality, affecting not only a student but also his loved ones. A person who suffers from mental disorders is unable to control this condition in the same way that a person with a broken leg cannot run. 

Final Words

The college years are very intense times. You shouldn’t blame yourself for dealing with mental health disorders, because nowadays it is a large-scale problem that is becoming serious. Remember that repressed emotions are like a bomb that goes off inside. 

Don’t keep emotions inside, and tell your loved ones about your problems. Look for help from a professional. It will help you get back to a healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Author: Editorial Team

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