Microwaving fish and smelly feet – 10 worst workplace habits revealed in new office charter

As people returned to office in 2021, those annoying office habits have come to the fore once again and the classic workplace arguments are back. 

B2B furniture ecommerce site, Furniture At Work, has unveiled its own office charter, voted for by office workers, aiming to finally banish those insufferable habits brought into the office that we’ve all been dreading the return of as offices reopened across the UK. 

The number one most annoying office habit has been revealed as stealing other people’s food from the fridge, that was followed by those who choose to stink out the office by microwaving smelly food then those who have loud phone calls at their desk, all things many office workers have been able to avoid when working from home. 

The ‘Office Charter’ lists ten of the most annoying habits and Furniture at Work is encouraging employers and employees to share the charter, adding their own personal suggestions for the worst office habits. 

The top ten worst office habits that made the charter are: 

1.     Stealing people’s food from the fridge 

2.     Microwaving smelly food 

3.     Having loud phone calls at your desk 

4.     Chewing loud food at your desk 

5.     Encroaching onto your ‘desk neighbour’s’ desk 

6.     Listening to loud music 

7.     Opening windows/turning on the air con without asking 

8.     Loud typing 

9.     Tapping feet or hands constantly 

10.  Taking your shoes off at your desk 

Stealing other people’s food from the fridge was voted the biggest workplace annoyance. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. 

Eating loudly at your desk and taking your shoes off in the office also made it, despite being things we’ve become used to working from home. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. 

A spokesperson from Furniture at Work commented on the office charter: 

“With offices around the country beginning to spark back to life over the last few months, we wanted to do something to help make workplaces around the country a better place! We’re used to providing the office furniture that helps keep employees comfortable, but we’ve decided to take it a step further and create an office charter that aims to finally banish those awful workplace habits! 

“Who else remembers the waft of someone’s smelly feet coming across their workstation? Or the freezing breeze of an open window in December hitting you? Well, we’re determined to help get rid of those habits forever and help to make the office a more comfortable place.” 

To find out more about Furniture at Work, click here. 

Author: Editorial Team

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