Monitoring of Employees with Software: What’s the Outcome?

Employee monitoring examples are quite common and the demand for monitoring of employees through virtual platforms is increasing with the expansion of remote work. The platform enables management to track staff performance by keeping records of productive and idle times, visited websites, and running apps. On the contrary, it has faced criticisms for invading privacy.

The significant demand growth of employee monitoring system

Reportedly, one of the major employee monitoring system providers has seen three times the usual demand from both the customers and partners since the start of the pandemic. The number of people working remotely has broken records during the pandemic and employers have also gained interest in the monitoring system.  

Data from Top10VPN proves the point. In April 2020, their global demand for employee monitoring tools increased by 87 percent, compared to the monthly average before COVID-19.

Assistance for work discipline

Using an employee monitoring software helps you get a clear view of daily activities, see their login and out times, analyze their active and idle periods, and check the visited sites and social networks.

People who have previous experience of working from home know very well how easy it is to get distracted from work. It takes a certain level of disciplinary expertise to work all by yourself at home.

Monitoring of employees for financial and data security

Business leaders pay their employees to complete a list of tasks, and they want to make sure the money is spent well. Employee monitoring enables them to assess the effectiveness of task processes and the performance of individuals.

The advantages only begin from there. Monitoring of employees helps to assess the risk associated with data breaches. By seeing the web usage and running applications, businesses are able to detect and prevent risky behaviors and security breaches.

Employee monitoring tools also allow businesses to get rid of micromanagement and instead rely on employee work demonstrations for performance evaluation.

Monitoring data helps create a better work schedule

Employees can benefit from the productivity data found on the platform. Since it automatically tracks work hours and web usage, employees do not have to pause constantly to report on logs and work progress. By avoiding the need for manual work reports, employees can focus more on their actual jobs.

Information found from the monitoring system helps employees to make better decisions and focus first on the critical tasks. The dashboard also comes in handy to get an overview of weekly or monthly development.

Precautions to secure the monitoring of employees 

Be transparent with your purpose 

Businesses have to be completely transparent about the monitoring of employees and how the data should be used. People expect a certain level of privacy both in their personal lives and at the workplace. The only way businesses can wish to continue monitoring without hassles is by letting employees know the purpose and benefits in a clear language.

Secure employee privacy

How well it benefits the business is subjective. In research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), half of the workers admitted their concern that they were being monitored at work. Three-quarters of them also considered the system as a cause for damage in workplace trust. 43 percent of the survey attendees pointed to the monitoring system as an introduction to privacy violation. 

Make your team comfortable with monitoring

Business leaders are liable for keeping the privacy of employees and their family lives. The cause of discomfort differs from person to person- some people may not like to be monitored by surveillance cameras, while others may want to avoid using monitoring tools. Businesses have to provide detailed information on the employee monitoring tools and make sure none of them feel different to work with it.

Give your employees motivation through positive reinforcement and rewards with the employee wellness platform. It helps your employees to stay comfortable and physically fit through custom activities like walking, weight tracking, and other exercises. The employee wellness app makes it easier to engage with all team members and motivates them to achieve health goals, which is important to stay on track with productivity. Make your team comfortable at work and with colleagues through this platform and secure the highest performance.

As long as employees do their actual jobs during work hours, they should not bother about any personal data breach. The employee monitoring system only tracks when the user is logged in and not in pause mode. Pausing the timeclock allows its users(employees) to check personal mail and social websites without keeping any official record. It is a great way to keep trust between employer and employee, all while securing optimum performance of the workforce and respecting the law and ethics of the workplace.

Author: Editorial Team

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