Nearly A Third Of People Will Host An Office Secret Santa This Year

According to a new survey commissioned from Secret Santa name generator over a third of people surveyed (32%) said that they planned to spend more on Christmas this year, than in 2020. 20% of people said they will spend more as they had a pay rise this year. The average amount that people plan to spend this year has increased by £55 (13%) from £423 last year to £478 this year. 28% of people also said that they will be taking part in an office secret santa, which is an increase from just 17% of people last year.  

The tradition of secret santa has long been linked to the office Christmas party. It involves being given a name secretly, and then having to buy that person a gift anonymously which is usually unwrapped at the party. A budget is set and the gift is often a novelty or fun present. 58% of people surveyed said that they usually pull names out of a hat or bowl which can be difficult if colleagues aren’t all based in the same office.  

32% said they do draw names online using a secret santa name generator like DrawNames. It is an exciting and 100% touchless, virtual and free Secret Santa gift exchange app. It brings colleagues together, making them feel festive wherever they are based. 7 million people have drawn names this year. Using the Secret Santa auto gift finder, you can find the perfect present in the right price group for any colleague. It’s all done for you at the click of a button and the present is even sent directly to the recipient.  

Author: Editorial Team

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