NHS and Retail job searches soar by over 4,000% as UK tackles coronavirus

There has been a 302% increase in job seekers looking for NHS positions in March according to the latest research by job search engine Adzuna. The interest in open NHS positions is welcome news for the UK, who are battling to fill 37,000 unfilled positions, including clinicians, volunteers and critical care nurses.

The UK faced a 22% reduction in overall job vacancies in March. However job openings and country-wide interest in vital sectors, such as NHS and social care staff, supermarket staff and delivery drivers has surged across the country as the UK mobiles to contain the virus.

The largest shift in search volumes and job opportunities in the past 4 weeks (24 Feb 20 – 24 March 20) can be found below:

Search term: Supermarket jobs

Increase in searches: 4,301%

Jobs available: 30,000+

Supermarkets have gone on a hiring spree as demand surges in the wake of coronavirus. Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and Asda are all looking to hire thousands of staff as shoppers continue to clear shelves. Supermarkets have been overwhelmed by waves of panic buying in recent weeks and have stepped up measures to cope with increased demand.

Search term: NHS Jobs

Increase in searches: 302%

Jobs available: 37,218

With caring professions being needed more than ever and many NHS locations inundated with concerned patients, resources have been stretched beyond recognition. Although measures are being proposed to fast-track new clinical staff through their training, clerical and manual roles play an important part, too, meaning there are opportunities to work.

Search term: Nursing jobs

Increase in searches: 81%

Jobs available: 22,309

Although qualifications are needed for most nursing roles, jobseekers are looking for relevant positions to fill. It is presumed that there will be no shortage of hours, which will allow families to earn enough to continue paying monthly bills. One company to consider is Barchester Healthcare, which has 3,129 vacancies in 2020, a 54% year-on-year increase compared with 2019.

Search term: Cleaning jobs

Increase in searches: 20%

Jobs available: 51,512

Hygiene is being cited as a key way to fight COVID-19, leading to a surge in people being willing to take on the numerous cleaning jobs available to earn extra cash. 

Search term: Hospital cleaning jobs

Increase in searches: 317%

Jobs available: 183

With limited experience required and with predicted demand growing, this has been one of the most searched-for sectors. Anybody being sent home from work due to companies closing for an unknown period, especially those who don’t get sick pay, could find a potential lifeline role here.

Search term: Delivery jobs

Increase in searches: 18%

Jobs available: 4,318

Whether it’s delivering food for a supermarket or bringing online orders to the door, delivery roles are more important than ever and almost anyone with transport and a driver’s license can take one on. A great way to supplement an income, working hours to suit, it has already been noted that almost all of the major supermarket chains need extra drivers, as do fast-food delivery services. Amazon has 1,803 current vacancies (154% more than 2019, year on year), and Domino’s Pizza has 1,180 vacancies (up 292% year on year).

Search term: Live-in care jobs

Increase in searches: 21%

Jobs available: 4,858

Looking for ways to circumnavigate potential rent payment issues has resulted in a surge in live-in role searches being observed. It’s worth remembering that these positions can be very demanding, both physically and mentally, and appropriate experience and qualifications are usually needed. Care-home provider HC One would be a good bet here, with the company offering 1,472 vacancies in 2020, 20% more than in 2019 year on year.

Search term: Work from home jobs

Increase in searches: 35%

Jobs available: 24,000

With increasing numbers of the population being told to self-isolate and stay indoors, any opportunities to earn a living while doing so are being gratefully snapped up. From admin to IT support and call centre work, there are plenty of choices for a range of skill sets.

Search term: Remote jobs

Increase in searches: 42%

Jobs available: 19,501

Very similar to working from home positions, in that these roles do not require a physical presence in an office, making them popular right now. With a mobile phone, a computer and a reliable internet connection, it’s surprising how much you can earn.

Search term: Online jobs

Increase in searches: 17%

Jobs available: 2,000+

If you know your way around a computer and can navigate the internet quickly, online jobs might prove to be a useful search for you to make a note of. Popular because they require little in the way of training or equipment, these roles often include helpdesk positions that can be manned from anywhere in the world.

Search term: Virtual assistant jobs

Increase in searches: 22%

Jobs available: 140+

Administrative support is a vital part of any business, especially with so many having to make tough decisions about whether to stay open or not right now. Executives need to know they have an experienced aide by their side, creating job opportunities that could ride out these uncertain times. Financial powerhouse Citi is one such company that needs this type of role – overall, it has 1,019 vacancies in 2020, 353% up on 2019 year on year.

It has been reported that supermarkets, delivery services, online retailers and the health sector are all actively looking to bolster their numbers, which is good news for those searching the above terms, as it increases the likelihood of a match.

Which sectors are suffering?

The travel industry has been among the hardest hit, with almost all flights being grounded and airlines forced to temporarily reduce staff indefinitely now and public transport systems also scaled back to the bare minimum.

Hospitality is in severe decline as well, thanks to large gatherings and crowded spaces being banned, and with schools just having been told to close as well, educational roles are also in jeopardy. Hospitality jobs have dropped 51.7% year on year. 

A stark reminder of how changeable job searches can be is the following decline:

Search term: Airport jobs

Decrease in searches: –50%

Current live ads: 3,776 (likely to change)

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Hunter, co-founder said, ‘We have seen a big disruption to the job market in the past few months. Industries that were flourishing last year have started to stagnate as restrictions around movement continue to take hold. However important job opportunities have opened up across the UK, and these roles will play a vital part in keeping the country running over the coming months. We are pleased to see increased interest and hope to get them filled’.

Author: Editorial Team

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