Office bliss becomes a reality as new index shows 75% of us are happy in the workplace

New research by serviced office specialist, Workthere, has found that three in four UK office workers (75%) describe the reality of their office lives as ‘happy’.


The survey of 1,000 office workers, commissioned by Workthere and conducted by independent research company Sapio, reveals the top moments of happiness and biggest pet peeves in the office. The ‘Office Happiness Index’ found that 4 of the top 5 moments that contribute most to happiness in the office are priceless moments of positive social interaction and acknowledgement – which outweigh the daily pet peeves shared by the nation’s office workers.



Leading the happiness chart is receiving a ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ from bosses or clients, with 85% of workers saying it positively affects their mood in the office. This is closely followed by the implementation of proper lunch breaks, which rank as the second most important factor at 83%. Other top happiness moments include: colleagues bringing in treats (e.g. sweets) for the office (80%) and catching up with your office friends after the weekend (74%). The only item relating to physical office provisions to make the top five of happiness-inducing moments is the relief when faulty pieces of office equipment are fixed (73%).


Top 5 moments of happiness in the office
Receiving a “well done” or “thank you” from your boss or client 85%
Lunchbreak 83%
Colleagues bringing in treats for the office (e.g. sweets) 80%
Chatting and catching up with your ‘office pals’ after the weekend 74%
That moment that faulty piece of office equipment is fixed (e.g. laptop, printer etc) 73%


In line with this finding, the survey saw the likes of broken scanners, photocopiers and laptops leading the list of daily pet peeves for British workers with 72% of the vote. While this underlines the negative impact that out-of-date or under-serviced office equipment and facilities can have on morale, the results also show that moments of social interaction can cause a strain on the nation’s nerves in the workplace, too. Passive aggressive comments and emails were ranked the second highest pet peeve (68%), followed by unnecessary meetings (65%) and unwashed crockery left on desks (65%). Finally, office temperature is a major source for unhappiness not only during the hot summer months but also in the cold winter (64%).


Biggest pet peeves in the office
Faulty/broken equipment (e.g. scanners, photocopiers, laptops) 72%
Passive aggressive comments/emails 68%
Unnecessary meetings 65%
Unwashed crockery left at desk (dirty coffee mugs) 65%
Office temperature 64%


Workthere’s ‘Office Happiness Index’ also found that employees working in serviced offices seem to be happier than those in traditional work spaces with happiness ratings of 88% and 72% respectively.  This is in line with the recent trend of many serviced office spaces specifically looking to foster a collaborative culture and good social interaction among their many occupants.


Cal Lee, Head of Workthere, said:


“It is clear from these results that happiness in UK offices is very much dependent on positive interaction and it is therefore important that the office environment supports this with open-plan areas, communal spaces and amenities. We have seen these factors become a real focus in the workplace, particularly in the serviced office environment with collaboration and relationship building at the heart of its design.


“With happy staff believed to be more productive creating the right setting that allows social interaction as well as creative and focused work areas is crucial.”


Author: Editorial Team

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