One in two Brits have been injured at work

New research* has revealed that half of Brits (51%) have suffered an accident at work, with handling, lifting and carrying objects the most common cause.

As part of their research into fatal accidents at work, specialist injury lawyer, Hudgell Solicitors asked 2,000 British workers about their current workplace training and policies. 

The study found that a third of Brits don’t have a good awareness of their employer’s health and safety policy, something which could point towards the high injury rate.

More than 17% of British workers have suffered an injury as a result of incorrectly handling or lifting objects, while a further 17% have suffered a slip trip or fall while on the job. Concerningly for employers, acts of violence were the third most common cause of accident at work (10%). 

Being struck by a moving or falling object (8%) and contact with machinery (7%) made up the rest of the top five.

When it comes to the cities that have experienced the most accidents, Newcastle came out on top with 57% of workers in the city admitting to having an accident at work. 56% of workers in Nottingham have injured themselves at work while 54% of employees in Plymouth and London have fallen foul of health and safety at work.

Cities that have experienced the most workplace accidents (%):

  • Newcastle (57%)
  • Nottingham (56%)
  • Plymouth (54%)
  • London (54%)
  • Manchester (54%)
  • Belfast (53%)
  • Southampton (53%)
  • Glasgow (51%)
  • Sheffield (50%)
  • Birmingham (49%)

Businesses not complying with legal requirements as 1 in 4 haven’t had health and safety training 

The research by Hudgell Solicitors also examined a range of health and safety requirements that businesses are needed to implement by law, with the findings suggesting a number of businesses are ignoring important aspects of workplace health and safety.

The research revealed that nearly a quarter (24%) of Brits haven’t had adequate safety training, while one in 10 admitted to not having a trained first aider at work.

A further one in 10 said they weren’t provided with adequate safety protection equipment and nearly a fifth (19%) admitted that risk assessments were not implemented ahead of carrying out dangerous tasks.

Commenting on the research, Head of Personal Injury at Hudgell Solicitors, Jane Woodcock, said:

“Our research shows a worrying lack of health and safety knowledge among the UK workforce, and it’s something that really needs to be addressed in order to prevent more fatal accidents in the future. 

“A lot of the time, these types of accidents are a result of negligence and not following appropriate health and safety measures, and therefore can be completely avoided. We’d always advise employers to make sure their workers are fully up to speed with all health and safety policies, and even regularly test their employees to ensure workplace accidents and injuries are kept to a minimum.”

Author: Editorial Team

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