Poll reveals 58% of people feel they shouldn’t be contacted out of working hours via social messaging apps

An online poll, undertaken by leading Comms and Engagement specialists Ryalto, has found that 58% of people feel it’s inappropriate for managers or colleagues to send work related WhatsApp messages out of working hours.

Working from home has clear pluses beyond getting to wear comfortable clothes and being with the dog all day. Including greater workday flexibility, less time spent commuting, more time with children and other people that need care and improved quality of life outside of cities. But the downside doesn’t just involve Zoom fatigue: many people find they are working harder and longer and the work-day is increasingly blending into important down time.

As Lockdown begins to lift and the UK leans towards a new sense of normal, Ryalto asked its audience their thoughts on ‘out of working hours’ conversations. 400 people responded to the poll with 58% selecting “No, it’s not appropriate for colleagues to reach out during out of hours on Social Messaging Platforms”. It’s clear organisations need to decide what changes need to be implemented ahead of a safe return to work.

Jon Bennett, CEO at Ryalto, commented: 

“As we move out of Lockdown, businesses need to be rethinking the ways in which colleagues and managers communicate. We have become used to the convenience and efficiency of messaging apps for work – and that is largely a really good thing – but we need to keep these separate from what people are using to keep connected to their friends and loved-ones. If we don’t support our colleagues to create boundaries between work and their personal lives, we will only be fueling the long-term mental wellness impact of the pandemic. Businesses need to be investing in professional tools that improve work-based connectivity and that ideally support employee wellness and culture improvement, too.” 

Ryalto, is a mobile app committed to underpinning the improvement of employee connectivity, engagement, culture and performance across organisations. Ryalto’s app is currently used across 72 NHS Trusts and 40 private hospitals as well as in wider industry settings. Ryalto has over 100,000 users and means staff can read live news, find the latest protocols, search, call or message all colleagues via the preloaded directory and users do not need to share any personal details, including their own mobile number.  In 2021 Ryalto are also adding a Wellness element specially for the workforces that rely on Ryalto every day.

Jon Bennett, continued:

“The investment into Ryalto means employees can remain connected at any time via their own mobile phone or choose to ignore work-related information during non-working time, safe in the knowledge their manager won’t be crashing their social chats or DMs. In addition all workers have access to the very latest company news and can even book themselves into flexible shifts.” 

To find out more about Ryalto’s offering visit https://www.ryaltogroup.com/healthcare/

Author: Editorial Team

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