Recruitment start-up proves even the sky is no limit!

Last month, London-based recruitment start-up, Love Recruitment, jumped out of a plane in the name of charity.  The skydive came as a daring bid to raise money for education material for their India-based charity partners, Nanhi Kali, meaning “for the girl child”.

The company smashed their Just Giving page’s fundraising target by 158% which saw two of the office’s youngest, Ross Norton and Skye Vadas, jump out of a plane in April.

The jump was originally scheduled for November last year, just ahead of Love Recruitment’s aid trip to India in December, where they have already sponsored the education girls across schools in India, but was postponed due to bad weather.  However, the aid trip to India was a huge success with Love Recruitment visiting various Mumbai schools and delivering education packs including writing material, stationery, pencil cases and other treats.

The India trip marked a year after Love Recruitment launched their education sponsorship programme called #ShareTheLove, which sees that for every person they place in a job, they sponsor a child’s education in India for a year.

The trip also coincided with Human Rights Month.

“I had never skydived before, so I was a bit nervous but very excited,” said Ross.


“It was worth the nerves – such an amazing experience!”


“I joined Love Recruitment because I love the vision and what we stand for.  Skydiving on a Thursday morning was a very unexpected perk of the job – all in the name of charity!” 


In January 2016, inspired by the One for One movement by TOMS shoes, Love Recruitment established their #ShareTheLove project – for every person placed in a job, a child’s education in India is sponsored for a year.

They are the first recruitment agency to implement such a model and since launching the project, they quickly gained momentum with sponsorships put through and profiles of the girls sent out to candidates and clients and Love Recruitment envisages the project will continue to grow rapidly in 2017.

“I was very proud of Ross and Skye for doing the charity jump,” said Lawrence, MD.


“We are so grateful for the huge amount of support we’ve received from friends, family, clients and candidates and it was for a great cause.  Every placement makes a difference.”



Author: Editorial Team

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