The Shocking Cost Of Some Journeys Home From The Office Christmas Do

• A quarter of revellers have at least once ended up 50-100 miles away from home after falling asleep on the train

• Rooms at easyHotel on offer for as little as £9.99 a night – less than the cost of the average Secret Santa gift.

• Offer applies in Britain’s leading party cities: Liverpool, Manchester, London, Birmingham and soon-to open Newcastle


The office Christmas party season is underway, and as workers get set to choose between Turkey crown or the vegetarian option, easyHotel has analysed the post-party experience – and the terrible hidden cost – for hundreds of office workers.


The results tell a cautionary tale of Christmas revellers attempting the journey home on public transport, falling asleep, ending up in Dover, losing valuables, damaging their clothes and paying the price in horrendous late night long distance taxi fares home.



A quarter (23%) of respondents said that they have at least once ended up between 50 and 100 miles away, having fallen into a carb and cocktail-induced sleep on the train. Nineteen percent of respondents claim to have at least once ended up more than 200 miles away on their journey home.


A quarter (24%) said that they had at least once damaged their outfits beyond repair on the way home.


Sixty-eight percent have lost a valuable item on the journey home. Phones were lost by 53%, keys by 33% and dignity by 47%.


The journey home takeaway of choice remains the classic kebab (32%). In second place are cheesy chips (26%), followed by MacDonalds (21%).


Arrival times at work the following day varied. Commendably, 47% said that they always arrived at 9am sharp. Twenty-one percent admitted to arriving ‘late morning’. One respondent said “I never returned.”


Asked to rate the enjoyment level of their last Office Christmas party on a scale from one to ten, Liverpudlians ranked top with 8.7. Manchester came second with 8.2. London ranked third with 7.9. Birmingham ranked fourth with 7.7.


Muhammad Mannan, operations director at easyHotel, said:



“The bewildering financial and physical cost of the aftermath of office parties calls for drastic action and we’re offering office workers the opportunity to stay with us, insuring against the potentially disastrous cost of the alternative and enabling workers to make the most of a good night. We’re even offering a morning-of-stay check-in service for outfits for a minimal charge and free late checkout the following day.”


easyHotel’s pre-Christmas offers include a limited number of rooms for as little as £9.99 per night, less than the average secret santa gift. Rooms offer comfortable beds, integrated ensuites and most have bedside USB charging ports.


Muhammad Mannan added:


“If you compare the cost of an overnight stay at easyHotel with the cost of ‘room and board’ on the last train past your home, you’re quids in. You also have the added advantage of a shorter commute to the office and the opportunity to win the ‘first person in’ prize the following day.”


easyHotels are in many of the UK’s leading cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Edinburgh. Newcastle is expected to open before Christmas. Further openings are planned for the new year.

Author: Editorial Team

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