Spending The Summer In Your Garden: What You Need To Consider

During the past year, people across the country were trying to find various ways to keep themselves preoccupied at home due to the restrictions in place. Whether it was redecorating the house that has been put off time and time again or finding an old jigsaw puzzle to complete – many of us participated in projects we may not normally have done on a usual weekend.

An example of this is that many tried their hand at gardening, creating an outdoor space that blossomed with colour and wildlife. Whilst numerous industries were severely impacted due to the restrictions in place, one sector which soared was the world of gardening. Seed Co-operative reported an increase in sales not just for them, but also for fellow gardeners and commercial growers. One thing the pandemic has led to is everyone’s desire to have an outside space, in particular one that works beyond the summer months.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, many are taking advantage of inviting friends and family over to socialise in their freshly decorated garden. For those yet to transform their outdoor space, there’s still time left. With summer on the horizon, numerous retail stores are starting to bring out more gardening products, such as pots, lights, decorations and also tools. If you are considering transforming your garden, here’s a list of a few ways you can renovate your outdoor space in time for the warmer months.

Blooming Lovely

Possessing extraordinary powers, plants can provide bursts of colour throughout an outdoor space, as well as creating depth, attracting wildlife and refreshing scents. Any flowers you grow does not necessarily have to be placed in the ground, you can purchase, or create if you want a DIY project, hanging baskets to go on the fence, side of the shed or even your house. Hanging baskets can provide valuable colour at eye level, meaning that wherever you look in your garden, you will be greeted by a sea of colour.

To further extend the flowering life of your garden beyond the summer months, look into purchasing plants that will survive in the colder months. During the winter months when you look out of your window, it will remain full of colour to life.

It does not have to be flowers that you plant, consider growing produce. Design a designated area for an allotment in your back garden to grow tomatoes, peas or carrots. When guests come over, you can give them some of your homegrown vegetables when they leave.

Take Your Work Outdoors

This past year has seen many of us working from home. One of the challenges from working from home has been creating an at-home office space where you can feel productive. From a corner in the living room to dining room tables, even the spare room, finding a spot so you can separate work life from home life has been tough. With most offices not yet open, the desire for a change of scenery and time outdoors is increasing.

If you are someone who has been missing going into the office, consider creating one at home, or in your garden. Garden offices are becoming an increasingly popular choice, with online searches for garden office pods higher than in previous years. Ranging in sizes and colours, there’s countless options available and possibly one to suit your needs. Check these garden offices from Shedstore. Aside from ranging in sizes, these stylish garden offices provide the perfect space to create an office environment at home. Investing in an outdoor office space will help to rebuild the divide between home and work. Having a separate space that is detached from the house, may help to increase productivity, which might have dropped slightly due to not being able to split home life from work life.

When the time comes when we can go back into the office, your once garden office can be transformed into an entertainment area, a gym or even a guest room, whatever suits your lifestyle.

Moving Outside

During the warmer weather days, opting to sit in the garden to read a book or drink a cold beverage is certainly the more preferred option. Aside from being a change in scenery, spending time outside has proven to help enhance both our physical and mental wellbeing, and so it only seems right to have garden furniture to help maximise your time spent outdoors getting fresh air.

There is an increasing selection of garden furniture to choose from, which includes deckchairs, outdoor sofas designed for relaxation, sunloungers and even outdoor dining sets so you can enjoy dinner outside. Especially on days when the sunshine hits, having outdoor furniture will help you to make the most of the warm weather.

Alongside being a great source of relaxation for just you and your household, it will also be great seating for when guests come to visit. You can all sit outside and enjoy the warm weather altogether.

Lighting Up The Garden

After spending time getting your fingers green to create a visually appealing garden, one way to take your outdoor space to the next level is through lights. Creating a well-lit outdoor space, especially without power is incredibly simple. Most retail stores now stock a vast selection of garden lights, which range from string lights in the shape of light bulbs or bees to ornaments such as metal flowers or. Another bonus is that most of these are solar lights, meaning you do not have to worry about purchasing batteries.

When placing the lights around your garden, place the solar-powered lights in places where the sun can charge the panel. Whereas with the battery ones you can place them in bushes and shrubs, darker areas of your garden where sunlight is limited.

The wonderful and attractive quality of these outdoor solar lights is that they have been designed to suit all settings. In addition to this, it takes very little time to set up and without any fuss but can help to transform a garden.

Create Your Own Garden Bar

When the bars and pubs closed in 2020 during the lockdown, the rise in searches for garden bars and how to create your own soared. Designing and building an outside bar became an activity many undertook during the lockdown period. Not only was it a project to pass the time, but it also became a talking point and unique feature when we were able to meet in gardens.

With the latest lockdown restrictions slowly being eased, building (or buying) a garden bar is still popular. Fortunately, the surge in garden bars has meant that there is an abundance of design ideas to choose from. For instance, there are numerous articles about how to create your own DIY outdoor bar, which provides you with a variety of ideas to choose from that also range in sizing. It is more than likely you will find a style and size that would suit your garden the best.

With the option to meet with other households in a garden now possible, having an outdoor bar will help to create the illusion of meeting friends for a drink in an actual pub and sitting in the beer garden.

Author: Editorial Team

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