Tech firm eases pressure on working families

UKFast offers extra day off for parents on first day at school

As four and five year-olds up and down the country get ready to start their educational journey, working parents are having to make special arrangements to see their little ones off for their big day, or pick them up when the bell goes.

But parents at Manchester technology firm UKFast will not have that worry, as CEO Lawrence Jones has offered all parents of new school attendees an extra day off.

Father of four girls, Jones, explained:


“It might not seem a big deal to a lot of people, but if you’re a mum or dad and you have your little one going to school for the first time it’s an important day.
“I would say that every mum and dad that I know has taken it off as a holiday, so we’ve decided to give it back to them as an extra holiday.

“The idea actually came from James Timpson when he was talking to me in a recent interview about the importance of looking after your team and making it easier for them to fit work in alongside family life. It makes perfect sense.
“If every company in Britain did this, and they easily could, it would be putting a smile on every single person’s face. Hopefully one day everyone will follow suit.”

UKFast already offers a number of benefits to support working parents and their children, including an onsite crèche, gaming area and code clubs during school holidays.

Jones continued:


“Any business, whatever their size, has the opportunity to do something to help working parents. Obviously it’s not always practical to have children in the workplace but there are solutions to be found to every problem. If businesses don’t do it they are going to lose people, and in today’s climate where skilled people are such an important asset, it is crazy to not do something to help your people.”

Author: Editorial Team

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