The benefits of a team breakfast

It has been found that nearly a quarter of people skip the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Many of your employees are relying on coffee to fuel their mornings, sluggishly waiting for lunchtime to come around.


However, if most of your staff aren’t energised until the afternoon, this can have a big impact on the productivity and efficiency of your business. In fact, it has been estimated that skipping breakfast will cost an employee 82 minutes out of their working day, due to a lack of focus.



An increasingly popular way employers are getting their staff to start their day off in the right way, is organising a team breakfast, which can have more than just nutritional benefits. George Rouse, the owner and executive chef at George’s Kitchen, knows how important it is for employees to be properly fuelled and energised at work. He discusses the reasons you should organise a team breakfast today.


Nutritional value


Breakfast has an extensive amount of nutritional benefits and if your staff are healthy, your business will be too. Breakfast should also contain 20-35% of an individual’s daily nutrition, which is a huge chunk to miss if they’re skipping it. Instead employees will be distracted by their hunger and more likely to snack on sugary replacements to keep their energy up. However, after the sugar rush, employees will crash and productivity levels will drop. Therefore, breakfast needs to be full of slow releasing nutrients in order to sustain energy levels throughout the day.


Menu Choice


The food you choose to offer needs to be carefully considered. For example, although a fry up may be employee favourite, it will not be the best option. They are usually full of fats and saturated fats, linked with high cholesterol and heart problems. In the long run, this may lead to an increase in sick days, whereas the healthier options will do the opposite.


Dishes containing high levels of fibre will lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels. For example, George’s kitchen serves Coconut and Almond Milk Porridge with fresh blueberries, which is rich in fibre and healthy protein. Another dish high in protein is Alejandro chorizo benedict, poached Burford brown egg, spinach with a chilli and tomato hollandaise sauce. Therefore, employing a corporate caterer, like George’s Kitchen will ensure the breakfast being served is both delicious and full of healthy nutrients.


Team Morale


Business breakfasts are a great team building opportunity. Eating food together encourages people to bond, which will be reflected in the workplace. Your team will work better together and therefore be more productive and engaged with each other. Breakfasts with the whole company will also encourage members of different teams to mix, which will encourage collaboration across the business. Therefore, team breakfasts provide the opportunity for your employees to get a wider perspective of the business as a whole and


Employee Benefits


It has been found that 66% of workers say they would quit a job if they feel underappreciated, meaning it is vital you are recognising your employees’ hard work. Providing your employees with the opportunity to have a team breakfast will show them you are acknowledging and rewarding their efforts, as well as demonstrating that you care about their wellbeing.




Mornings are usually a hectic rush for most people, however giving your team a window of time to sit down, eat and socialise together will reduce stress levels and help them relax before the working day. This doesn’t need to be a big chunk of time, for example an hour a week would be great. Employing a corporate caterer to provide the breakfast will also save you a lot of time, because they take care of the planning and cooking. George’s kitchen also offers a ‘grab and go’ menu, which still has the nutritional benefits to employee breakfasts but offers an alternative to sitting and eating if time is limited.


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Author: Editorial Team

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