The benefits of organising a company retreat

Getting the best out of company employees is a crucial factor in the long-term growth of any organisation. Not only are happy employees more productive in the workplace, but they typically possess higher levels of motivation to perform at optimal levels.

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On top of internal improvements such as flexible working hours, portable charging stations and frequent feedback, it is well worth considering the benefits of taking your employees on a company retreat.

Here we explore some of the most notable benefits of organising a company retreat, and what value it can add to the workforce.

Combine a company trip with the chance to learn new skills

Whilst company trips are becoming a more frequent strategy for business leaders, organisations often fail to take things to the next level. As such, providing the framework for employees to combine a company trip with the chance to learn new skills can add tremendous value.

Employees will often return to the workplace feeling refreshed, knowing that they’ve increased their skill-set.  One such avenue that appears to be growing in popularity is to take employees on a cooking holiday. This will create an enjoyable and productive environment – something that is crucial in the business setting.

Team building

Although team building is often viewed as a cliché, its value should not be understated. Research suggests that team building has the potential to remove communication barriers between colleagues. Once this has been achieved, productivity levels are shown to increase.

As such, when going through the process of organising your company retreat, be sure to include activities that will allow your employees to get to know each other on a personal level.

Explore strengths and weaknesses

When employees remain in a specific role long-term, it often hinders the ability for company managers to assess the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. By organising a company retreat employees have the chance to showcase what they are good at outside of their day-to-day role.

This might present new opportunities for both the company and the individual.  On the other hand, if you’re able to identify any specific employee weaknesses during the company retreat, you’ll be able to address them on a more personable level.

Introduce big changes gradually

A further benefit to taking your employees on a company retreat is that the process will allow you to introduce big changes that are likely to have a direct impact on the workforce as a whole. This could be an impending company merger or acquisition, or a new sector that your organization is looking to target.

Whatever the change, it’s best to do this in a relaxing and calm environment where you can introduce the company’s new direction gradually.

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