The history of online casinos

While land-based casinos and the games offered there have a tradition of decades, even centuries, the online gaming industry has developed very highly in a very short time. The first land-based casino is guaranteed from 1765, the first online cookiecasino appeared on the market about 200 years later.

The year is 2016 – today the online casino industry celebrates its 21st birthday. Any other industry would still be in its infancy at this age. But online casinos are different: After a rather hesitant start at that time, in less than two decades it has developed into a multi-million dollar industry that is significant on the entire global market. Moreover, online games prove to be very flexible and can adapt to any culture and any perception of technology.

Three main factors have allowed such rapid development:

The first was the development of gaming software, which was first used in land-based casinos in the 1970s. Another was that computers learned to network – via the Internet. Thus, only one gaming computer could be operated by many users. The third factor: a global regulatory authority was established in 1994. The rest is history.

Even though the technology for online games had been available since the beginning of the Internet, the first game providers were only able to start in 1994. That was the year in which the “Free Trade and Processing Act” was passed in the Caribbean Islands – the first law to define and legally establish online casinos as such. Thus, the “Gaming Club” and the “Intercasino” opened their doors in 1995 and 1996, followed by a large number of portals, most of them in the first years of this millennium. Today well-known platforms such as the “Spin Palace Online Casino” were opened around 2002.

In the years 2015/16, very young and innovative online casinos are emerging and let us guess that the world of online casino has not seen everything yet. Pioneers are casinos like Casino Heroes, Spinit, or even Wunderino.

If you want to leave the table as a winner, you need to know how best to manage the money in an online casino.

The software giant “Microgaming” was the first of its kind to discover the online casino industry for itself. This company developed a variety of casino games that could be easily downloaded to PCs and laptops, serving players around the globe. Cryptologic was founded as a competitor. This resulted in many gaming applications and platforms that generated high profits and motivated other entrepreneurs to join the industry.

Nothing could now stop the rapid rise of online casinos as a whole – new ideas and gaming software outdid each other in terms of the best possible player comfort and outstanding entertainment value. In addition, the Internet developed from a dial-up system to data highways – so the technology of online casinos could be developed even more versatile, faster and better. Every advance in information technology also brings further, still unforeseen opportunities for the gaming industry.

The online casinos of the first hour were portals that only bet on slots, each with only one variation and no bonus offers presented. At that time, the respective CEO was still specified as the customer contact. Today, every single company is a million-dollar business with hundreds of slots, single and multiplayer versions of every game, high-quality bonus offers and many promotions to attract new customers for an increasingly crowded market. Of course, each of these companies has a multilingual and highly qualified customer service.

Nowadays, every possible player has his or her personal favorite casino at his or her disposal, where he or she can chat lively about moods with other games and, if necessary, contact the dealers working in real time. Moreover, it is possible to play from any location: Smartphones and mobile phones make this possible with direct Internet access from anywhere. There are supervisory institutions and worldwide discussions about even more precise legal frameworks.

Year after year, technical development is now progressing – the world of online casinos is becoming more exciting and complex. It is almost a miracle how far this industry has developed in just a few years. With pride, those involved can always remember this – and look forward to the future with great anticipation.

Author: Editorial Team

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