The importance of offering work experience

A statistic has shown that 80% of employers say that having work experience on a CV is essential to landing a future job. However, some businesses won’t be as proactive as they should to offer internships or work experience weeks for enthusiastic graduates and students. Simon Houlton, the CEO of IScreenYouScreen, providers of a reference checking software, shares some of the ways work experience can help your business.


Freeing up your time


The main reason students offer themselves up for work experience is to learn as much about the industry as possible, participating in tasks that occur on a daily basis. Their enthusiasm and will to learn can be a huge benefit to you and ultimately free up some time in your day. Handing out mini-tasks that have fallen down your list of priorities will make them feel valued, in turn helping your productivity levels increase.



As a work experience individual has come to your company to learn, the chances are they’ll put maximum effort into any task you set them. They’re there to make an impression so trusting them to deliver shouldn’t be a problem.


External feedback


As a company owner or manager, the reputation of the business is incredibly important and having feedback from an external visitor can give plenty of insights as to what is done well and what can be improved. Having a conversation after the work experience duration is up will help to give the individual a sense of how well they’ve done, helping to set them on the right path for a future job. However, asking them for feedback about your company is just as important.


Being new to the business, a fresh pair of eyes will be able to highlight and talk about areas that may slip your mind in regards to improvements. After all, the next new starter will be in exactly the same position, so listening to constructive feedback will only have positive repercussions.


Spotting the future


As the statistic showed, 80% of employers value work experience on a CV when looking for a new team member. If you’re in the process of putting out job adverts, offering work experience could save you a lot of time. Seeing first-hand how someone works in the environment, what their quality of work is like and how they get on with others around them can be much more valuable than a 15 minute sit-down interview. If the duration of work experience is two or more weeks, it’ll feel as though they’re already part of your company, saving the time to search for other potential candidates.


School / College relationships


Part of a school’s programme is finding work experience for students over the summer holidays. It’s important for a business to create a strong relationship with schools, colleges or universities as it could be a potential pool for future employees. Not only can this enhance your businesses reputation as you’ll be recommended by schools for the good work you do, but students will want to work for you, knowing the opportunities you can present.


As is the case with any work placement or new starter, correct referencing procedures and background checks should be carried out. For more information about the IScreenYouScreen software visit


Author: Editorial Team

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