The most and least stressed out capital cities in the world

Whether you’re struggling with financial worries, the desire to be always connected, or are constantly affected by noise and air pollution, modern day stressors are all around us. But where will you find the most stressed out people in the world?

Lenstore has revealed which capital cities are the most and least stressed by looking at metrics including cost of living, annual working hours, average monthly salary, wellbeing score, hours of sunshine per year as well as noise and light pollution.

The top 10 most stressed out capital cities: 

RankingCountryCityPrice per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City CentreCost of living indexNoise and Light pollutionWellbeing scoreTotal hours of sunshine (yearly)Quality of Green spaces and ParksAnnual working hoursUnemployment rateAverage monthly salary
3MexicoMexico City£1,737.7537.4164.2780.942,55551.992,6224.45£532.71
4Costa RicaSan-José£10,776.4973.7153.7973.212,44558.591,91317.41£633.68
7South KoreaSeoul£17,397.4078.6649.3259.72,066.060.462,3073.93£2,100.10

In first place, Bogotá is revealed to be the most stressed out capital city in the world where residents earn an average monthly salary of just £258.59, the lowest out of all capital cities analysed. 

Meanwhile, Athens follows in second place, receiving the lowest score for quality of green spaces and parks (27.14). In third is Mexico City where it is revealed residents spend 2,622 hours of the year working, the highest out of any other capital city in the world.

When it comes to cost of living, Jerusalem is the most expensive city in the top 10 with a cost of living score of 86.32 whilst Seoul is the most expensive city in which to purchase property, setting residents back £17,397.40 per square meter. 

Wellington is the least stressed out capital city in the world

It’s easy to think that living in a capital city is synonymous with stress, but where do some of the least stressed out city dwellers live? With the best air quality out of all other capitals analysed (96.12) and enjoying 86 days of sunshine a year, the beautiful capital of New Zealand is revealed to be the least stressed capital in the world.

The top 5 least stressed capital cities in the world are:

  1. Wellington – New Zealand
  2. Helsinki – Finland
  3. Reykjavik – Iceland
  4. Vienna – Austria
  5. Copenhagen – Denmark

Helsinki comes in second place thanks to its high wellbeing score (110.39) whilst Reykjavik comes in third, having the lowest annual working hours per resident (1,435) compared to all capital cities analysed in the study.

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