Tips On Having a Workout At Your Desk

Do you spend a lot of time at your desk? Have no time for a proper workout?

That’s okay – most of us don’t. However, you can combine those two and workout at your desk.

Are you wondering how?

Here are some tips:

1. Stand While You Work

Sitting in one position all day or for an extended amount of time can be extremely bad for your health – not to mention your posture. This is why standing while working is such a big trend.

This is a simple act that can increase the amount of energy that you use during the day. It can help you work your core,allow you to burn calories and improve your balance a lot more than sitting.

There are a few things you can do to get even more benefits from standing. Marching in place, for one, can help you burn more calories. The desk treadmill is even more effective in helping you stay healthy and fit – even the stars like Victoria Beckham use it while working.

In case you are worried that this method can’t work for you because your desk is too low – and getting a standing desk is too much of an investment, you can use a kitchen counter, a shelf of an appropriate height or a mantle.

2. Get Creative

People love organizing their office in away that would allow them to get everything easily if they need it. However,this only keeps you seated for longer which is not great for your fitness and posture.

To get a bit more workout out of your environment, place things further away from you, far enough for you to have to get up to get them. Leave only the necessities on your table or in close proximity – like your laptop or a pen. Put some things on higher shelves, some things on lower shelves. Space your things around the room in every corner and at every height.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting up all the time and doing various things that can resemble a workout. This will help you burn some extra calories, stop your back from hurting and it may even give you more energy to go back to the screen.

3. Do Stretching Exercises

People sometimes spend more than 9 hours sitting in one place, moving only slightly. This is terrible news not just for your health but for your posture as well. Have you ever noticed that your back hurts after these long sessions of sitting? Or your neck? Knees?

That’s all because of sitting.

Standing while at work can improve this but you will still need a little extra help to avoid the pain.

Here are some of the simple and easy exercises you can do at your desk:

Head Rolling – This can help you loosen up your neck and get the blood running easier to your brain.

Pinch Your Glutes – Pinching for 5-10 seconds and then letting go can help your glutes remain tight and stop them from hurting after sitting for a long time.

Tense Your Abs – This is similar to what you would do with your glutes, just do it with your stomach to keep it tight.

Raise Your Legs – Raise your legs and keep them like that for a few seconds, then let go. This is good for keeping your legs strong and tight.

Straighten Your Neck – Put your hands on your forehead and push your head forward.While it looks weird but it helps your neck stretch after a long day in the same position.

Compress Thighs – Press your thighs together and hold for a few seconds before releasing. It’s good for keeping them strong.

Shrug Shoulders – Lift your shoulders as close to your ears as possible and hold for a few moments. This improves posture and helps you with your back pain.

Make Shoulder Blades Touch – This is an important exercise to do in order to relax your chest and your back.

4. Take an Exercise Break

One of the ways to exercise at work is to take a break to do it. You have a few options here. You can head out and go fora walk around the block. This is a great workout session because it can help you relax, decompress and lose the stress. You can enjoy seeing a bit of daylight and people walking around which is very energizing.

This type of exercise break is good because you don’t have to bring any extra equipment or go to the gym – plus, it can be interesting.

On the other hand, if your gym is nearby or your office building has a gym, you can bring a change of clothes and go for a session. It can help you spend some of that extra energy and stay fit.

You could also exercise in your office – if you have one – you’ll just need something to stand as equipment.

5. Pace While Talking On The Phone

They do it in movies all the time – pacing while talking on the phone.

It may look a bit silly but it’s a great way to burn some extra calories and stay active. If you have frequent phone calls you can do this fairly often.

6. Get A Yoga Ball

Another healthy alternative to that boring chair is a yoga ball.

It may seem easy but it requires balance, strength and it activates your muscles. You have to firmly put your legs on the floor, use your core and keep yourself seated. This is a great way to sit actively and switch up your daily routine.

To add some extra benefits, bounce on the ball.

7. Use Your Hands More

Instead doing everything on desktop or mobile devices, try doing it the old-fashioned way. Create a bullet journal or a handwritten calendar to write down your dates, create a project using real materials instead of a computer program, take notes on a notepad and so on.

This is a good workout for your mind and it will also help you get away from the screen for a bit.

Working out and working usually don’t match well – either you are too tired to workout or don’t have the time. However,with some creativity and help from tools like the desk treadmill or yoga ball,you can workout while at desk easily.

Author: Editorial Team

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