Top Tips on How to Write Engaging Business Emails

The virtual world is utterly inundated with emails. Billions of them are sent across the cyber highway on a daily basis, making them both a highly valuable tool for communication, and a highly annoying vehicle for spam.

To contend with a sea of spam emails, special offers, follow-up marketing efforts, vouchers, cold emails, and many, many more, you might want to check out a few top tips on how to make your own attempts at emailing far more engaging.

Emojis are Fine (and Fun)

This ultimately depends on the type of email and the tone of voice you are willing to adopt, but emojis should definitely not be ruled out of the equation when it comes to writing business emails.

In fact, they can even humanize the message, make it come across more friendly, add a bit of spark and flavor to the words, all while steering away from the traditional, boring and mundane format of ultra-formal business communication.

Sometimes, ultra-formal is absolutely necessary, so working on your ability to adapt your tone and recognize circumstances is a must.


GIFs may be slightly more informal, especially if you opt for a dancing cat or Baby Yoda.

They can lighten the mood sometimes, particularly if they are highly relevant and resonate with the recipients.

For those of you who need to give your team a boost during an email onslaught, a well-timed GIF might be the way forward.

An Email Signature

A great email signature should not be underestimated, as it can have numerous benefits in the world of business, such as:

  • Increased levels of brand visibility
  • The opportunity to direct recipients to your company website
  • Extra advertising
  • Added cohesion when it comes to brand aesthetic
  • It can make you more memorable
  • Increases interactivity
  • Adds a new dynamic to the message

If you wanted a way to stand out without being too garish or lavish, instead of adopting a more sophisticated approach, then including an email signature could be one of the best ways to make your emails far more engaging.

For those of you who needed somewhere to start looking for a fantastic email signature of your own, you could check out for some much greater insight.

It’s All in the Language

Language is beautiful, infinite, and complex, yet for some reason, incredibly dull in many a business email.

It doesn’t have to be! In many ways, avoiding jargon and inaccessible specifics, in general, is a must if you aim to hold your recipient’s attention and avoid them nodding off halfway through reading your highly important message.

By using clear, concise, and recognizable language in a friendly and approachable tone, you should not go far wrong.

Tone of Voice and the Golden Rule

Whatever you decide to do to add a little flavor to your emails, the golden rule of writing copy of any kind needs to be addressed. This is, of course, your ability to understand your audience. When you write to appeal to your specific audience and do so successfully, your emails will naturally be more engaging to them.

Author: Editorial Team

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