A UK First, the ‘Escape Game’ that comes to you

Over the last few years Escape Games have rapidly risen in corporate popularity, with no shortage of providers to cater for demand.  Bloggers ‘The Logic Escapes Me‘ shared this graph on the increase in London alone:.


Team building activities have been used for many years, everything from team nights outs to activities where participants have to work cohesively to solve a problem.

Escape games have seen a recent surge in popularity as they promote problem-solving, creative thinking, and effective communication. Escape games are also really fun to participate in, resulting in a significant boost to staff morale.  However most of these escapes are in fixed locations, making it logistically difficult for rural teams to travel and the cost of transport can be prohibitive.

This month sees the launch of Puzzlement, the UK’s first fully mobile Escape Game, which brings the escape game to any location in the UK.

The game takes place inside a ‘surveillance van’.  Players partake in a story where they are called in by a top secret government organisation to find out the identity of a mysterious ‘double agent’.

Players must solve a series of puzzles to both ascertain the identity of the mole and also escape from the ‘surveillance van’ within 60 minutes.

Multiple teams / departments can compete throughout the day to try and break-out in the fastest time. Teams are observed via a webcam, and then debriefed at the end of the session and given constructive feedback on their particular strengths/weaknesses.

Each game (session) lasts exactly 60 minutes, with a 10 minute briefing beforehand, and a 10 minute debriefing when the session is over.  Each session can accommodate between 3-6 members of staff, with a maximum of 5 sessions taking place in any one day.  The relatively short sessions make it easy to fit into a normal working day, meaning participants can take part with minimum disruption to business.

In an experience trend that is growing worldwide, the ‘escape’ experience just got portable!


Author: Editorial Team

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